Waifu Wednesday: Euaerin

euaerin cover ww

Lee Hye Min (better known by her stage name Euaerin) is a South Korean idol singer, dancer and rapper. She is best known for being the main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist and visual of K-Pop supermodel cosplay group Nine Muses.

Euaerin is one of three original Nine Muses members who is still with the group (the others being Minha and Hyemi) but her career with Nine Muses wasn’t always a given. Before she even auditioned with Star Empire Entertainment, Euaerin apparently thought the label was “shady” so she created the pseudonym “Euaerin” out of thin air (she went by Erin before her Nine Muses audition). When she was eventually tapped for Nine Muses, the name stuck. Then, at the end of 2010, she quit to pursue a career in Japan. She would return to the group after three months and she’s been a steadying presence in the group ever since.

Like the rest of Nine Muses, Eauerin is insanely pretty and has the figure of a damn runway model. Her rapping is on point for a K-Pop rapper and with Eunji departing the group last year, it looks like Euaerin will take on an even bigger role as Nine Muses looks to integrate two new members. Given her body of work, it’s hard to say how that’ll be a bad thing.


Euaerin is so pretty that flowers naturally gravitate towards her.

Time to learn skateboarding.

Time to learn skateboarding.

Euaerin is so hot that the she causes the devil to sweat.

All black everything is A-OK.

All black everything is A-OK.

Euaerin is so talented, she can tango by herself.

Also, balance.

Also, balance.

Euaerin’s sexiness is deadlier than a medieval torture chamber.

Also: cute.

Did I mention that she’s also cute?

Nine Muses hotness quotient could be filled with Euaerin and that’s saying something.

I swear if Star Empire ends up ruining Nine Muses,  I will be Very Upset.

I swear if Star Empire ends up ruining Nine Muses, I will be Very Upset.


oh my god



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    Very Seohyun-ish, especially the cute photo. That’s a good thing of course. Speaking of, anyone see some Seobaby O’Hara cleavage popping up on the internet? She’s growing up so beautifully! sobs
    I think the wig concept is going to make me a fan of these girls, hoping anyway.

    1. Yes, I have seen the shots of Seohyun at the photo call for Gone with the Wind, and yes they pretty much prove that Seohyun has very lovely lady humps and probably SNSD’s largest, though proportionally Sunny’s may be bigger. Seohyun could hang out with G.Na and Clara and not feel inadequate. All kidding aside Seohyun really has matured into a really beautiful woman and definitely is no longer the maknae. If I had a son, I would be ecstatic if he got involved with someone like her as I am much too old to entertain such thought. I will say her dad must be very proud of her as she really has turned out to be a beautiful woman, but her best qualities are well-developed and on the inside, which I think as a parent are what you want the most.

  2. “I swear if Star Empire ends up ruining Nine Muses, I will be Very Upset.”

    That ship has sailed. I’m sorry, but it’s just not 9Muses anymore without Lee Sem, Eunji, and especially Sera.

    1. I pretty much agree but we’ll see what this new lineup can do. If it approaches anything that was nearly was good as 2013, I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  3. Agreed re: 9Muses being a done deal now. It’s sad really. One hell of group, looks & talent. Sera was my favorite.

    Wild & Gun showed such promise for the future.

  4. Euaerin quickly became one of my favorite members after Hyemi/Hyuna in 2013.The way she raps with this energy on stage makes her rapping parts enjoyable to listen to. Having 3 original members leaving was a big blow, especially with Sera’s departure, but I’m hoping “Drama” will be a solid effort.

    My question of where the hell she got the name “Euaerin” from is finally answered lol. That and having a Hyemi and a Hyemin in the group would be too confusing.

  5. Is it me or does Euaerin seem to look a bit like Cao Lu of Fiestar?

  6. Official Teaser for Drama:

  7. Euaerin became my favorite after the Gun MV. Lee Sem used to be my favorite because I wanted to motorboat her.

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