Nine Muses Unveil New Members Keumjo and Sojin As The Group Prepares For Latest Comeback


After Nine Muses went through a couple roster changes last year which left them with six members, it was only a matter of time before K-Pop’s resident group of supermodels added more members.

And while the group’s name still won’t make sense, Nine Muses has officially announced two new Muses, which brings the group’s total to eight.

The girls’ official Twitter wrote, “Introducing the new members Cho Sojin and Lee Keumjo. Please support Nine Muses’ yet another new start.


Keumjo is coming up through the trainee ranks. You may remember Sojin as the not-Kyungri female idol in the Nasty Nasty trio.

Both definitely look like they fit in with Nine Muses, so hopefully the transition will be smooth.

Sure, they may not be Eunji (*weeps) or Sera (*sobs uncontrollably) but then again, who is?

It appears that both Sojin and Keumjo’s debut will happen with Nine Muses’ next comeback which is scheduled for January 23rd.

So, add these debuts to the innumerable reasons to be excited for a Nine Muses comeback. It has been a while since we’ve been treated to one.

Can't decide.

Can’t decide.

Who to stan harder.

Who to stan harder.



  1. I want to see these girls make it big. But after watching their documentary, I’m surprised this group remains active.

    If they can pull off a comeback with good vocals and videos, like Gun and Wild, they got a chance.

    1. I think an honest documentary about almost any k-pop group’s debut would give the impression that the group wasn’t going to make it.

  2. The 2 new ladies fit right in. Love live the Muses.

  3. From their first teaser you can be sure it will be Nine Muses at their best ^^

    1. Looks hot. I’m feel conflicted about 9Muses. One part of me enjoys a full on sexy K-Pop group of dancing/singing Victoria Secret models, without any of the cutesy nonsense. However, I can’t shake the feeling that the ladies are also miserable drudges. answering to authoritarian male agency staff who only see them as a meal ticket to be exploited.
      Watching the ‘9 Muses of Star Empire’ film certainly doesn’t help.

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