Review: Hello Venus – “Wiggle Wiggle” Is Tragically A Better Song Than It Is A Music Video

hello venus wiggle wiggle

The most unusual thing about Hello Venus’s promotion of “Wiggle Wiggle” is that there really wasn’t much left to reveal by the time of the music video’s release. The song had been released in its entirety and the group had already released a choreography video and performed the song on music programs. Simply put, barring something extraordinary, the official project was doomed to fall somewhat flat. What is kind of surprising is how flat the video falls.

To be fair, the song hits all the right notes (especially compared to whatever “Sticky Sticky” was supposed to be). In fact, it may be one of the better things that Brave Brothers has put out in the last couple of years (if anyone could make a song called “Wiggle Wiggle” shine, its Brave Brothers). The spacey electro bops contrast wonderfully with a thudding bass and crystal clear snare beats. The resulting production is incredibly well-balanced and it never feels empty despite Brave Brothers welcomed restrained touch.  Hello Venus’s vocals are given some auto-tuned sheen but it works within the context of “Wiggle Wiggle” and adds to the hypnotic atmosphere that fits right into a song about, well, wiggling back and forth. There’s no standout performance but having the vocals be subservient to the song is smart for a single that would fit right into the playlist at some clubs. No one goes to the dance floor to appreciate the finer touches of a singer’s inflection. In terms of getting hips moving and heads bobbing, there’s not much that “Wiggle Wiggle” gets wrong.

Not wrong.

Not wrong.

The less time spent on the video the better. For a song that almost oozes the stench of a dirty dance floor and featuring some unfairly hot choreography, “Wiggle Wiggle” commits the ultimate sin of somehow making those things appear boring. Outside of the first thirty seconds (which was used as the trailer for “Wiggle Wiggle”), the rest of the video is an almost aggressively lazy effort. First, it appears that Hello Venus filmed the entire video in an afternoon. Individual shots look like they use the same set as the choreography bits. Efforts to provide additional elements are either superfluous (a chain link fence is seemingly included for no reason other than to add some minimal variety) or lazy (black and white shots are interspersed with the color ones with little rhyme or reason). The directorial decision to film much of the video at angles adds a feeling of voyeurism to the whole effort that isn’t sexy or alluring as much as it is frustrating. After all, one can find shakey-cam and off-center shots of K-Pop stars performing choreography rather easily. They’re called “fan cams”.

Meet Lime's torso.

Meet Lime’s torso.

It’s unfortunate because Hello Venus looks unbelievably sexy when the video gets out of its own damn way (Nara and Lime are life). However, those moments where one can fully see the members and the choreography are too far and between to be enjoyable. Instead, the many anonymous-looking shots of asses, chests and legs – where it’s often hard to make out who is even in the shot – can’t help but make “Wiggle Wiggle” look like stock footage for a boilerplate sexy K-Pop music video.

Again, it would have been foolish to expect much of a single that was seemingly commissioned due to the popularity of a dance practice video that Hello Venus made to Jason Derulo’s “Wiggle.” Originality was never going to be “Wiggle Wiggle’s” strength. However, a video that looks as rushed and cheaply made as this one doesn’t do “Wiggle Wiggle” any good (Ok, it’ll get them some coveted click-bait money). When the choreography video runs laps around the official music video in terms of viewability, it should have been a hint to go back to the drawing board.



  1. Really enjoyed this review.

  2. It’s like the polar opposite to Sugar Free. Wiggle Wiggle needs to borrow some of T-ara’s strobe lights let’s just face it, that would be a win-win.

    1. This may be one of the few times where borrowing T-ara’s strobe lights may have been a good idea.

  3. I know the conventional wisdom is to dog this thing for how cheaply made it is. But I don’t know what else you could want. Whoever that is at the 1:13 point (other than Lime and Alice I don’t know who is who in this group anymore) along with Lime’s part is worth the price of admission alone. I think their main goal here was to give the people what they want. In that regard they totally succeeded.

    1. The eye candy is undeniable but its packaged in such a slapdash way.

  4. A missed opportunity to showcase the ladies. The first 20 seconds started out strong but quickly fizzed out into a blur or body parts and confetti. Both choreography videos are (much) better than this. Pity.

  5. Still, I wish HV success. Wiggle Wiggle is song of the year and Seoyoung’s scream is such an earworm TBH. I kept singing that part when it cums

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