Clear Off Your March Schedule, Ga In Is Making A Comeback

Making sweet music with the piano.

K-Pop goddess and all around badass Ga In of The Brown Eyed Girls will be making a comeback in March, thus ensuring that there will be at least one quality music video in 2015.

It appears that the release will be a mini-album and one can expect it to be available on March 4th or 5th. Per one of Ga In’s reps:

Ga In is still continuing to working on her new solo music.  At first, the music release was planned for January or February, but seeing as how she’s devoting herself to the new album, the release will probably be in early March.

Currently, the new album release date will likely be on March 4 or 5, and we are thinking it’ll be a mini-album.  While it will include an individualism unique to Ga In with sexiness and distinctiveness, it will go out on the biggest scale.”

Whether it be an ode to self-love or a harrowing tale of domestic violence, Ga In is fearless when it comes to her concepts, so this one will be eagerly anticipated around these parts. The fact that she can sing well and dance with a ruthlessness that borders on intimidating is just the icing on the cake.

Get hyped.



  1. You forgot to mention how utterly smoking hot she is. You’re slipping!

  2. Sweet. I really like her work, solo and with BEG. Seriously sexy woman. By the way have you seen the footage of Sunny performing “Bloom” as a solo stage at an SNSD concert last year in Seoul. All I could say was wow. Sunny has a seriously hot body that compares nicely with Hyosung’s.

    Hopefully BEG will have a comeback then in the last half of the year somewhere. You know song of BEG’s that I love is as it just sounds beautiful is “Come with me” and no it’s not because that sounds like a dirty pun. I don’t know if it is remake of some western artist’s song but with Korean lyrics or not as it does seem to make me think of a western artist. Regardless it is really well composed and sung. Check it out if you haven’t yet. I would love to hear if anyone else enjoys it.

    1. Decent track. The girls sounded good. It’s not one of their mainstream songs though. Too bad, really.

  3. Ga In is absolute sex kitten. Looking forward to her comeback.

    As for BEG, their one of my favs, and Narsha is still one of my bias’. Wish they would do another song like “Recipe”. Then again all their stuff is good.

  4. *anticipates*

    Slug, 2015 gets even better. Nine Muses is slated for a comeback this January; check out the DRAMA teaser photo.

    1. IMHO, Ga In’s Fxxk U wtih Bumkey was one of the best musical releases last year. Too bad there’s no ‘Radio Edit’ version or I would have blasted it more out loud.
      Great news about 9 Muses. Apparently they are adding new members to replace the 3 that have left. I just looked up the DRAMA photo, it’s a “teaser” alright. And just in case anyone’s wondering, those are SungAh’s curves you’re ogling.

      1. Thanks for the heads up on the teaser photo. I noticed from the photo, SungAh cutting her hair. This seems to be a disturbing trend. Wings performs “Hair Short”, and cuts their hair in the video, and AOA performs “Short Hair”, and cuts their hair in the video. Are we getting ready for another hair cutting video? Sure hope this isn’t some new fad. I’m kinda partial to women having long hair.

      2. A hair cut—from long to short—is symbolic of a fresh start. ‘Hair Short’ is about getting over an ex-boyfriend, whereas ‘Short Hair’ is about letting go of insecurities (and bad jobs) and finding a new love… more or less.

    2. Yup, really looking forward to that one and if the group will unveil some new members or not.

  5. I adore Ga-In, but I always got the impression for some reason that you didn’t care for her much. Will she be featured in a Waifu Wednesday anytime soon?

    1. She has been and I adore her haha

      1. Oh, sorry! I just looked through your archives and found it. Thanks!

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