Waifu Wednesday: Lime


Kim Hye-Lim, better known by her stage name Lime, is a South Korean singer, rapper, dancer and composer. She is best known for being criminally under-utilized in K-Pop girl group Hello Venus.

As far as K-Pop goes, it might take less time to go through the things that Lime can’t do, rather than the things that she’s unfairly good at. While most K-Pop stars get one or two designations like “lead vocalist” or “visual”, Lime gets three titles, all of which are inadequate in describing her skills – main dancer, main rapper AND main vocalist. Let’s be clear. None of those titles should be considered honorary. Lime earns every single one of them.

Looking at it now, it’s a small wonder that Pledis didn’t physically prevent her from leaving their After School Pre-School Girls training program. And the scrapped Viva Girls with Lime, Nine Muses’ Kyungri, Kiss&Cry’s So Yumi and Dal Shabet’s Woohee looks like an increasingly tragic missed opportunity with each passing day. At least Lime gets some spotlight with Hello Venus. The world is a better place when Lime graces the stage.


Lime is so sexy that her attraction rivals that of any force in the universe.

Can rock any hairstyle as well.

Can rock any hairstyle as well.

Lime is so talented that it would take several encyclopedias to fully grasp her skills.

Derpin' so good.

The selca is strong.

Lime’s beauty is so evident that one can hear it.

So fitted, her hair matches her shirt.

So fitted, her hair matches her shirt.

There’s great, there’s immortal and then there’s Lime.

Dear lawd.

Dear lawd.

The difference between Lime and magic is that no one gets bored with Lime.

We are living in the Lime age.

We are living in the Lime age.

Lime is so hot, she can make people sweat from outer space.

Complete and utter ownage.

Complete and utter ownage.


dayum dayum dayum



  1. Not usually into girls with short hair but she rocks it really well and I dare say looks better than her in long permed locks. A very pretty (and talented) girl in an attractive looking group. Good pick and thanks for the introduction!

    1. In agreement with you on Lime’s hair.

  2. A woman among girls. I am not feeling the long brown hair and bangs though.

    1. I know! It was her immediate distinguishing feature. RIP green hair. Still womanly though.

  3. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    I must have watched the dance video about a billion times to write my article blurb thing, and Lime by far was best out of them. Yes I am looking at your apple hips. Please don’t lazer beam me.

    Also, I’m team blue hair Lime.

    1. I think its fairly unanimous on Lime’s hair.

  4. Thank you so much Yellowslug! Lime is amazing and so darn underrated. She even took a hair design that would send anyone else to Sunny-levels of diabetes and made it work. Sweet and sour and sexy.

    I am so grateful I shall refrain from telling you to wife-up Boram for a while. Cheers.

    1. I am so glad Sunny ditched that cotton candy colored hair. I will admit that her short blonde cut was growing on me, but I like that she has gone back to a more natural hair color and let it grow out.

      1. Boys era Sunny was alluring. IGAB Sunny was enough to make me renounce my Sunshine-ing ways.

        Btw I once saw some early SNSD Sunny pics with her long hair and glasses and she looked Good.

  5. I like Lime regardless of hair color or length.

  6. Man, they need a member named Lemon, so they can have the sub-unit Lemon-Lime. The Sprite marketing tie-in writes itself. Though if she does a duet with Key she will be Key Lime.and if their duet is 3 minutes and 14 seconds long it will be Key Lime Pi. I know that was really bad.

  7. I want lime with her green hair back but longer.

  8. For the “Look at me now” cut, I was thinking she’s going to do Breezy’s part… But she did Busta’s! Well, part of it anyway. Still killed it though, also considering English probably isn’t her first language.

    Also great how short haired idols still invoke discussion about Sunny..

    1. Sunny’s IGAB era hairstyle was a memorable tragedy.

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