Hello Venus Release Choreography And “Eye Contact” Versions Of “Wiggle Wiggle” Thus Rendering Any Need For An Actual Music Video Obsolete


hello venus

If it wasn’t clear from the teaser and individual jacket images, Hello Venus is going all-in with the sexy concept for their “totally-not-Jason-Derulo “Wiggle” inspired” single “Wiggle Wiggle.”

In a bit of an unusual step, the group has released both the choreography version and the eye fuck eye contact version of “Wiggle Wiggle” before they’ve even released the official music video. Usually, the bonus videos are released after the music video proper but the decision to release these first could create some good hype for the song. Just maybe.

On the one hand, the two videos may end up stealing some thunder from the official video’s release. On the other hand, when the concept for “Wiggle Wiggle” appears to be nothing except “here’s hot girls dancing hotly,” these two videos may just be the purest expression of what Hello Venus is seeking to accomplish with this single.

Now, the official “Wiggle Wiggle” video doesn’t even feel necessary. Unless the official music video offers up a stunning story line featuring Jason Derulo and Snoop Dogg, the likely outcome is that the official video will be nothing but a more colorful dance-in-the-box video with 50,000 obnoxious cuts anyways.

The editing of the eye contact version needs some work though. With the awkwardly spliced cuts, the video ends up looking more like a knock-off K-Pop music video made by a semi-famous dance troupe (AOA “eye contact” dance videos are the superior “eye contact” dance videos).



  1. This hits me like a desperation move, which could get them some notoriety/notice (a la Stella’s “Marionette”), or back-fire and get their promotions cut short due to controversy (a la Rainbow’s “A”). Heck, they even stole Rainbow’s ‘ab-dance’ move with tops jacked so high that one of the girl’s bra was showing. Good luck getting that on a broadcast.

    The funny thing is that I’d always thought Jason Derulo’s Wiggle MV was relatively mild. It’s lewd and all (hey, Snoop’s in it) but seriously nothing compared to how they could have they could have shot a MV for that song. Here’s a more *ahem* enthusiastic video interpretation of “Wiggle”

  2. This song is so much better than ‘Sticky Sticky’.

  3. I’m just here for the Lime, I see no other relevance.

    1. I think Lime is a woman among girls, but I am not feeling this hairstyle with the bangs and the length at all. Almost seems like they are trying to downplay her awesomeness. On the other hand, so far on this promotion I have certainly noticed how ridiculously hot this group is as a whole. Good lord!

    2. Aaaand Waifu Wednesday is here.

  4. Song is pretty boring, but hey no-one’s here for the song.

  5. Pre chorus is Twerk material. Drums >>> Synth.
    And Lime’s Rap break gave me new life so I can now officially stan them (I just Watch their MVs, no live before )

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