Jessica Jung Gave The Most Awkward New Year’s Greeting Ever For Li-Ning


Jessica Jung has been working collaboratively with Chinese clothing brand Li-Ning and the company had the former Girls’ Generation member wish her fans a happy New Year through the brand’s official Weibo account.

It may also be the most awkward video ever put to film. The cue card reading is so obvious that Li-Ning may as well have just filmed the intern holding them up for Jessica to read as well. The less said about the cadence, the better (Ok, couldn’t resist. It honestly had less flow than a river in a season-long drought).

It is the first New Year’s greeting that I have ever encountered that could plausibly double as a hostage video. Someone, check to see if she’s blinking in morse code.

At least the clothes look nice. The most that I had known about Li-Ning was that Dwyane Wade has a basketball shoe deal through them, so it was kind of a surprise to see that Jessica Jung is collaborating with the sporting apparel line as well.


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  1. It was kind of awkward. It was almost as if she was reading cue cards written in Mandarin and translating them to English or someone had such sloppy writing on the cue cards that they were hard to read. Honestly, did she really need cue cards for that? For something that short she should have just rehearsed it and maybe had to take a couple takes to get it right, but it would have looked much better.

    Speaking of Mandarin, Jessica’s business seems to be heavily focused on China. As her own New Year’s resolution she likely needs to start thinking about really trying to learn Mandarin via some immersion classes several days per week. I don’t know how busy she is post-SNSD, but I would think she might have some time on her hands now to do something like that. Yes, in Hong Kong, where she is headquartered English is common, but elsewhere in what appears to be her most important market English is a distant number two.

    She doesn’t need to learn the language to a college or even high school level, but if she could just be able to do something like this greeting video in Mandarin and hold her own in a simple interview or be able to make some small talk at a business meeting or fan meet, it would be great PR for her. Also if she can learn to sing in and speak in Mandarin well enough she might be able to record in China and get more TV opportunities, which will help her company and her personal brand.

    Of course I realize that Mandarin is a very hard language to learn as neither of her two fluent languages have any real relation to it. However she has mastered a tough language like Korean and many of the things that she learned doing that will help her with learning another language.

    Yellowslug, do you speak Mandarin? If so you should apply to be her tutor. That way you will get paid to stalk her and we won’t have to do a kickstarter for you…lol.

    1. Haha, I took Mandarin in high school about a billion years ago. I wouldn’t be of much help. Kickstarter will have to do.

      1. Were your parents from China or Taiwan or were they born in the US? If your parents didn’t speak it, it would make it quite hard to learn. I know a Taiwanese woman who tried to teach her sons Mandarin, but they had little interest as they figured they would never use it. They know a little and can read some characters, but that is about it. Sounds a bit like you are in the same boat.

  2. Jessica is stunning, but she’s not very charismatic, is she? I want her to succeed and laugh in SM’s face, but….=/

    1. Yes, it does seem a bit odd that Jessica who is pretty shy would end up in show biz and start a second business that requires her to be the public face of the business all the time. I am not so much interested in the revenge angle as I figure Jessica did some things too that helped make that situation turn toxic, but I want to see her succeed as she is going to look really dumb if her business goes bust and primarily because of that business she isn’t in SNSD anymore. I don’t want to see her look stupid and I don’t want to see her lose the money she invested.

  3. At least she’s trying. These days there’s a lot of kids her age that still live at home and play x-box all day.

    Did get a laugh at her pitching for sports apparel. Watch the episode with her on Running Man, it’s hilarious.

  4. They must have seen what a pro she was at golfing that one time and decided she was the perfect face for their athletic wear.

  5. black soshi · · Reply

    Awkward is her charm. She was perfect as the Ice Princess always is.

  6. I don’t understand how she can try to sell her own BLANC & ECLARE luxury line while collaborating with the likes of Li-NIng. The most expensive item on the Li-Ning page is RMD499, roughly USD 80 ( ). I was never a marketing major but I can recognise brand dilution when I see it.
    Also, a Korean lady pitching to Chinese consumers in English with an American accent. Yes, a tad awkward.

    1. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a good tie-in though whether she re-ups with them after her current contract is up for debate. Of course that just shows that she kind of rushed this fashion business thing in that she had contracts already that don’t exactly fit what she is trying to project. It is like some folks have said, they are concerned that she doesn’t really have a sound business plan with this fashion business of hers and really doesn’t understand the industry or what she has got herself into. She’s also put herself in potentially bad hands with Tyler Kwon who knows nothing of the business either. I hope things go well for her as she is going to look really stupid if her business doesn’t work out and it was the main reason she isn’t in SNSD anymore.

  7. Actually, there are very few times that I’ve seen her speak English where it didn’t sound awkward – even when she wasn’t reading from a cue card.

    1. I wonder what her speaking rhythm was like when she was a 12 year old in California still. One hears bits a pieces like this of her speaking English, but you never see her in long natural conversations in English very often to get a feel for if these are just mannerisms she has when she speaks that maybe she has in Korean as well, but those of us who don’t know Korean don’t pick up on. It is odd how someone like Jessica who is supposedly so shy and uncomfortable in front of crowds would go into a line of work like entertainment that by its very nature puts you out there in front of people constantly making you the center of attention. She must really enjoy performing or really have enjoyed the money as that would seem like hell to put yourself through if you were a shy person. I’ve always figured her shyness and discomfort in front of crowds where she is just sitting on stage while someone talks were in large part what gave her that ice person persona in that she coped at such events by disassociating herself (The look quite often like her mind was a million miles away or the seeming disinterest in what was going on). When you would see her actually signing for fans one on one she was nearly always smiling and friendly like that one on one interaction allowed her to focus on something other than the crowd and being gawked at. Performing in is likely similar in that she can focus on her singing or dancing and block out all those people watching her.

  8. Jessica’s a FOB. Her English has always been awkward. That’s the difference between Gyopos that grew up speaking English, like Tiffany and Nicole, and the ones that grew up speaking Korean in an English speaking country.

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