Waifu Wednesday: Sooyoung

sooyoung ww cover

Choi Sooyoung is a South Korean singer and actress. She is best known for being a member of K-Pop super-group Girls’ Generation (SNSD).

Since the end of the year falls on a Wednesday, I figured it’d be as good a time as any to round out the last member of SNSD to be covered in Waifu Wednesday. Sooyoung’s omission from here wasn’t done on purpose but it’s kind of apt that she’s the last one to get her own post here. It’s difficult to say what niche Sooyoung fills in SNSD and as such she (perhaps unfairly) often feels like an afterthought. Now, being an afterthought in SNSD is still a damn good position to be in but if there’s a “monkey’s paw” to being in SNSD, it’s likely being in the Sooyoung role (with Yuri and Hyoyeon running a close second). She’s dabbled in nearly everything, from show-hosting to radio DJ to picking up fairly consistent acting gigs but it hasn’t translated into her having a higher profile within her own group (again, SNSD members are really freaking good at a lot of things). She isn’t handed many lines, doesn’t get assigned great choreography bits and she doesn’t get ample screen time. Despite that, Sooyoung has managed to do as much as she can given those limitations. Her hair flips are viciously perfect and her smile is as much a signature of SNSD as Seohyun’s struggle-wink and Tiffany’s warble. Hopefully, SM Entertainment will be more willing to experiment with what Sooyoung can do as the group evolves in 2015. Because, good lord, that smile.


Sooyoung is so pretty that she is the leading cause of traffic accidents at intersections.

Legs longer than The Iliad.

Legs longer than The Iliad.

Sooyoung is more multi-talented than MacGyver with a Swiss Army Knife.

sooyoung elle snsd

Casual perfection.

Sooyoung’s hair flips are so intricate, they create their own butterfly effect.



Sooyoung is so beautiful that the heavens get confused by her placement in the mortal realm.

Bow down, mere mortal.

Bow down, mere mortal.

Sooyoung’s smile is so deadly, it should come with a warning.

I died... and I died again.

I died… and I died again.

Sooyoung is so hot that she can power enough solar panels to provide light for several solar systems.

To a great 2015.

To a great 2015.


cheering fan boying spazz

Happy New Year, y’all. Be safe tonight.



  1. Two to four inches taller and she would be walking runways in New York, Milan, and Paris possibly.

    You are definitely right about her smile the only member who seems to enjoy herself more on stage judging by her smile is Tiffany.

    I know Sooyoung is considered one of he better dancers in the group and you often see her doing a dance stage with Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Yoona at SMTown concerts. She does seem to do more singing on their Japanese releases because she actually is fluent in Japanese from the years she spent there in her early teens.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if her recent announcement that she was stepping down from her MC gig that she has done for over two years on “One Night of TV Entertainment” might be because she is about to get cast in something again or needs to free up her schedule some to try to get cast in something again. It may not be saying much, but among the SNSD members she seems like she is the most promising film/TV actress and from what I have heard and read she has generally had pretty good reviews from the three dramas she has done so far as a lead. I would expect she may end up having a decent career as an actress after SNSD calls it quits.

    Sooyoung is also such a clown yet when interviewed often has some really interesting comments that seem like she really thinks about how to answer things or what to say. She seems to be one of the sharper pencils in SNSD’s pencil box.

    Sooyoung may be skinny, but unless she secretly goes and throws-up off camera, she eats enough that you don’t really worry that she is starving herself to stay that thin. She just has a high metabolism, stays really busy, and is just naturally skinny.

    Good choice to end the year on. I’ve really enjoy your blog this year since I stumbled onto it. Have a Happy New Year.

  2. I liked Sooyoung ever since I saw her in this:

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    This is just overwhelming, OT9 is finally complete. In my eyes perhaps the most beautiful member of SNSD. To say that 2014 was heartbreaking for some Sone(myself included, even at my decrepit age) is an understatement. This unexpected WW somehow dulls the pain a little. Thanks for all that you do Slug, and thank you very much for this. So very daebak!

  4. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    I have a request for a future waifu. My boyfriend is head over heels for the ladies of mamamoo, specifically hwasa. I know theres probably not a ton of material for her, since they’re a rookie band, but when ever you have time for it/ have enough material, that would be appreciated.

      1. I second the request for Hwasa! She’s my favorite in Mamamoo by far.

  5. Ah Sooyoung, easily the prettiest without any makeup or surgery.
    Also, thanks for introducing me to Purfles in your recent post. It’s only right that you follow up with WW on Woo Young… that pout and those eyes!

  6. If you’re taking suggestions, I’d recommend Lime from Hello Venus for waifu wednesday.

  7. Do you perhaps know of Juniel? She’s such a cutie, I hope you’ll consider her for a waifu wednesday.

  8. It’s funny because she and Hyo are the only ones I really pay attention to. I wish they would get more shine.

  9. I never really like snsd but after watching some kdramas, i stumbled upon 3rd hospital and i adored sooyoung since then (like, a month ago,lol) and i watched her other dramas and even snsd variety shows. I love her outgoing, quirky personality and seems genuinely nice. Is she not that popular compared to the other girls?

    1. Sooyoung has fans but she doesn’t have the popularity of Yoona or Taeyeon. Her acting has won her some fans. She is more popular relative to some other members in Japan as she speaks more or less fluent Japanese. You also may notice that she gets more lines and is usually up front more in Japanese releases, though it isn’t a huge amount of extra attention. Sooyoung kind of has the same problem that many girls do in these huge ensemble groups. Either you are one of the best at something or one of the worst, or lost in between. In SNSD she was their 6th best singer before Jessica’s departure in all likelihood. Now she is likely their 5th. She’s not a great rapper. She’s a pretty good dancer especially considering how tall she is, likely their #3, but she isn’t Hyoyeon or Yuri as she doesn’t have their strength or curves. What Sooyoung does bring to the group is that she imakes for great TV when in the variety format. She jokes, she tells funny stories that embarrass other members which often gets that possibly shy quiety member involved in the show now, she makes goofy faces, she has a brilliant smile, she loves to talk, and she makes people like her. You watch Sooyoung and it is hard to not like her. Also another thing that Sooyoung brings that is similar to Tiffany is that the way she smiles when on stage or in their videos, she really looks like she genuinely loves performing and audiences pick up on that. Some members may seem a bit melancholy at times, but Sooyoung and Tiffany always seem like they would rather be no place else and people really like that. Of all the members Sooyoung has so far shown the most promise as an actress. She could become a very good one if she keeps improving. She’s made the pretty successful jump from cable to broadcast dramas which is a good sign. She seems to be a better and more natural actress than Yoona or Yuri and at least at this point, much better than Seohyun (Though as Seohyun matures, gets more confidence and brings her work ethic to bear she may eventually become the best actress in the group especially if she uses theater to work on her rough spots until she has them better polished.to give TV or movies another try). Sooyoung has never seemed wooden when acting and that’s a big part of her success.

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