Nana Tops Some “Most Beautiful List” Which Is Objectively Wrong Because Here’s Mine

nana after school orange caramel

After School’s Nana was recently named the most beautiful person on Planet Earth by TC Candler in their annual list of 100 very photogenic and famous women.

And while congratulations are in order for Nana, who placed second on the list last year, the TC Candler list is obviously wrong because it’s not my list. For instance, thirteen other famous Korean entertainers made the list but look at where they placed:

miss A’s Suzy (#11), Go Ara (#17), Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon (#23), Song Hye Kyo (#27), Jessica Jung (#35), Girl’s Day’s Minah (#53), Rainbow’s Woori (#56), Jun Ji Hyun (#59), Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung (#64), Girls’ Generation’s Yoona (#76), After School’s Jooyeon (#78), IU (#83), and Kara’s Hara (#99)

Sooyoung above Yoona? Minah above Jooyeon? Wang Fei Fei nowhere to be found? Such a list is obviously a wrong list.

So, as has been a venerable tradition in the long, long (two year) life span of this blog, here is the objectively correct list of the top ten Waifus of 2014 as decided by my own socialized and individual tastes the heavens above.

For this year’s list, I’ve excluded Korean actresses and K-Pop stars who are not actively promoting or have “graduated”/”been exiled”/”kicked for whatever happened with SNSD.” Hopefully, this leads to some shake-ups as it’s not like I chase whatever new hotness emerges every week*.

*Who am I kidding?

Without further ado:

10. Linzy

Basically flawless.

Basically flawless.

“One More” was my most addictive single of 2014 and Linzy slayed the video so hard, there should be a warrant out for her arrest.

9. Hyosung

So Top Secret.

So Top Secret.


Hyosung had a solid solo debut but it still feels like SECRET’s stars are reaching for the perfection of “Poison” still and aren’t quite hitting their mark.

8. Nicole Jung

Thank goodness for comebacks.

Thank goodness for comebacks.

The one glimmering saving grace of 2014 was that Nicole’s retirement from KARA was not the end of her K-Pop career.

7. Taeyeon

The best thing about "Holler."

The best thing about “Holler.”

Oh yeah. “Holler” came out this year. In between Oreo hatred and SNSD shakeups, Taeyeon did her thing and despite all the drama, she’s still the leader of the biggest girl group in K-Pop.

6. Choa

Esquire doing God's work.

Esquire doing God’s work.

Main vocalist and guitarist for a K-Pop group which is solidifying itself as one of the upper tier acts in the game? It’s a crime Choa doesn’t make every “Best of” list in existence.

5. Sojin

Fashionably fashionable.

Fashionably fashionable.

Everyday’s a Girl’s Day. She has a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She’s Girl’s Day’s most underrated vocalist. She’s one of the few K-Pop stars in the game who doesn’t make me feel old. Sojin for life.

4. Lizzy

The most interesting idol interview in the world.

The most interesting idol interview in the world.

The reasons why Lizzy is simply the best are too many to list here. After School may be stuck in a rut but as long as Orange Caramel is around to showcase Lizzy, everything will be OK.

3. Clara Lee

Witness greatness.

Witness greatness.


2. Nari

nari wassup cover

Wrecker of Waifu lists.

Hello, my name is Yellow Slug and I am now a Wassup fan.


1. Wang Fei Fei

fei white day

You can’t run from heaven.

There are no guarantees in life but this is about as close to one as you’re likely to find. Everyone else is playing for second.

Well, there you have it. The objectively best list on K-Pop’s most beautiful faces that is in no way click bait like that dirty and objectively wrong TC Candler list. Up next, the objectively best “year’s end” award list. That will come tomorrow.




  1. Trying to pick a list like this is always difficult. There are so many pretty women in K-pop and it makes it so hard to choose such a list. I could easily justify Victoria Song, Tiffany Hwang, or Bora Yoon making this list over some others, but obviously this is your list and mine may differ. Still I agree with a lot of these choices.

    1. On the real, there are no wrong answers (Boram excluded of course).

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    That’s a very well thought out list. As long as Clara is in the top ten its legit, even without Jessica. (sobs)

    1. Speaking of Jessica did you see the article that she was in a recording studio in Macau and Jermaine Jackson was supposedly working with her. I hope that was just her messing around with some free studio time and that she isn’t seriously considering a US debut attempt. Honestly, as I don’t know, has Jermaine Jackson really ever produced a successful act. As best as I remember his music career flamed out around the mid-80’s and he’s done some writing and singing, but nothing that makes me go, “Wow, now that’s a producer that can put together a great debut single or album and get it to a major record label that will promote the hell out of it. I may be wrong though and he’s actually pretty accomplished, but I just haven’t been a fan of anything he did.

      1. Didn’t he help Whitney Houston get started?

      2. He was an early producer of hers, according to Wiki.

  3. Overall a pretty good lineup. Little bummed that CL didn’t make the list. And would have liked to seen some Purfles love by including Geonhee.

    Actually surprised you got Fei at No.1. We haven’t seen her in 2 or 3 weeks, thought you might have “Lost that Loving Feeling”. Clara should be a staple in any list; inclusion is good, naked would be better.

    Interested to see what you come up with for “years end”.

    Live long and prosper.

  4. All beauty ranking list are useless because every person likes different things, therefore beauty is non-meaureable in generalization and cannot be objective. But on a personal level according to one persons taste, it can be measureable and this is why your list is superior because you make it obvious this is your list and shouldn’t affect anyone else’s.

  5. I luv Jun Hyosung but WTH IS UP WITH THOSE NUMBERS? Yoona should be at least top 15!

  6. I’m pretty sure that list was based on facial beauty.

    I never understand why people think Yoona is beautiful. She looks like Golum to me. Minah and Suzy shouldn’t even be on the list. Hyegyo should be ranked MUCH higher.

    Nari looks like a horse. The only girl on your list I’d put in my top 10 would be Taeyeon. The rest don’t really have beautiful faces.

    1. Eh, I can see what you’re saying. Considering that Jessica Jung (derisively called “Horse-ica” in some parts was number two on this list last year, you may be on to something with my tastes.

      1. LOL! Jessica pre-surgery looked like a horse, but I wouldn’t go that far now.

  7. No Seolhyun. No Dahye, No Woohee. No Yura. Your list is all wrong.

    1. Dahye was the only one who I had trouble leaving off to be honest. Choa > Seolhyun and Sojin > Yura.

  8. I’d think I would have to make separate lists for cute and hot.

    IU would be #1 on the cute list. Seolhyun of AOA would be #1 on the hot list.

    1. Not a bad idea to be honest.

  9. Victor Delacroix · · Reply

    I like your list! I still don’t know where Clara came from, but she’s fine to look at and that’s what this ranking is for. TC Candler actually had After School’s E-Young on their list last year, and as E-Young’s seemingly only fan, I was REAL excited about it. Aside from her showing up on mine, I think yours and my lists would have a lot of crossover. ChoA yaaaass

  10. Wang Fei Fei #1 couldn’t agree more. All hail KingFei

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