Hello Venus Will Just Make Their Own Damn “Wiggle Wiggle” Music Video


Perhaps after realizing that a choreography video of theirs was doing an embarrassing amount of work compared to the actual effort that was likely put into it, Hello Venus has taken the smart step of capitalizing on their dance to Jason Derulo’s “Wiggle” by releasing a teaser for their upcoming video which more or less follows up thematically on the whole “Wiggle” thing.

The new song’s title? “Wiggle Wiggle” (which, I’m sure, is totally a coincidence). No, really.

It’s kind of hard to fault Hello Venus for basically stealing Derulo’s wig(gle) going in this creative direction. After all, the aforementioned Hello Venus “Wiggle” dance video amassed 2.2 million Youtube views in the last month (and 5 million overall according to their agency).

Their single from earlier in November, “Sticky Sticky” (maybe Eddie the Echo is in charge of naming Hello Venus’s songs or something) amassed a mere 931,00 views.

So, this route makes sense. But seriously, Hello Venus couldn’t think of a more creative way to capitalize on “Wiggle” than with a new song called “Wiggle Wiggle”? There are Bruce Lee imitation films from the mid-seventies which don’t bite from their source of inspiration as hard.*

“Wiggle Wiggle: Wiggle Harder, The Hello Venus Story; A Heart-Warming Tale Inspired by Jason Derulo and Snoop Dogg” is set to release in January.

*Despite all this, I’m still going to view the damn thing.



  1. Lol from creepy daterape song to wonderfully shameless butt wiggling, that’s the way to go!

  2. I’d pay for a table dance.

    1. I’d be the table.

  3. Seoyoung is so awesome.

    1. Now that I am getting to know this group a little more, yes. Yes, she is.

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