Jooyeon Reportedly Close To Graduating From After School, Darkest Timeline Confirmed

jooyeon flashback

Although it’s not entirely surprising given her long tenure in the group (and her lack of Orange Caramel-iness), it appears that After School’s Jooyeon is close to being put out to pasture “graduating” from the group.

Pledis Entertainment has released a statement that talks between them and Jooyeon are ongoing, which, while it isn’t a confirmation, isn’t exactly a denial either.

“It is true that Jooyeon’s contract will expire this coming December 31. She is currently in talks with the agency on her position.”

The rep went on to state that Jooyeon will complete After School’s Japanese duties through June regardless of how the “talks” end.

Jooyeon’s seemingly inevitable ethering from After School has been written on the walls for a while. She is one of the two remaining original members (the other being Jungah) and she’s never been one of the more popular After School idols (hell, outside of UEE, After School could simply be phased out in favor of Orange Caramel and almost no one would blink). If Kahi could be “graduated” there’s little doubt that Jooyeon could be let go as well.

There is no justice in this world.

Ph.D of mai hart

Ph.D of mai hart

Sigh, between Jooyeon, Jessica Jung and Ryu Sera, it’s been a tough year for some of Selca Sunday’s stalwarts. It’s a good thing that Nicole Jung made a comeback as a solo artist or I’d be ready to call this year the official darkest timeline of all the darkest timelines.



  1. May not be over for Jooyeon. Rumor is she has an acting career that’s she’s going to the first of next year.

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