Help Young, Scrappy Fashion Designer Jessica Jung Get Her Brand Off The Ground By Purchasing One Of Her $200 Scarves

jessica jung blanc eclare scarf

Jessica Jung has been pretty busy as of late. She’s been incredibly popular with search engines, conducting interviews with magazines, and she continues to roll out new products for her own fashion line Blanc & Eclare.

Just in time for the holidays, Blanc & Eclare is now serving up some scarves.

While Jessica’s sunglasses may have erred on the pricey side, they weren’t too outrageous ($250 for sunglasses is expensive but within the expected ballpark for “designer” eyewear).

However, if the $250 price tag was too much for some, they have the option of supporting the small, upstart brand by purchasing one of Jessica’s scarves instead. After all, each scarf is only between $175-$200.



The styles “2014” and “1989” refer to the brand’s founding date and Jessica’s birth year respectively. They are made of a wool and cashmere blend and (I was surprised to find out) are not laced with solid gold or magic pixie dust.

Seriously, it’s a freaking scarf. 

Somewhere, Gwyneth Paltrow is feeling a sense of kinsmanship and doesn’t quite understand why.



  1. Well, good luck with that, I’d say

    Also, she might not want to follow Gwyneth in hawking expensive products. Last I’ve red, her Goop-branded merchandise business was building up huge debts and losing shareholder funds.

    1. Part of Gwyneth’s problem is that she has increasingly come to be viewed as a pretentious kook which reduces her coolness factor as you don’t want to be associated with her statements by wearing her fashions. Also Gwyneth’s movie career hasn’t been much to talk about in quite a while, which lowers her celebrity factor. If she was still an A-list award winning actress, her kooky statements would be overlooked easier. As long as Jessica steers clear of discussing much of anything in the way of politics, current events, “conscious uncoupling,” pubic hair, etc. she will likely not ruin her coolness factor. She’s going to have to make some move before long though to keep herself relative whether it is a reality show revolving around her, acting (Successfully), or singing (Successfully). She can only live off the cachet of having been in SNSD so long and will have to establish her own personal brand.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    If this endeavor fails I will be so fricking angry it won’t be funny. My god Jessica, please just run back to SNSD before its much too late. Seems awfully expensive for a scarf, obviously catering to the well-heeled Chinese.

    1. I don’t think she will be running back to SNSD anytime soon. She’s apparently living with Tyler Kwon in Hong Kong now. Maybe it’s a platonic situation where she just stays there when in Hong Kong, but that’s unlikely. If it is true, that isn’t going to help any reunion with SNSD as there was nervousness about her relationship with Mr. Kwon before, but living together or married is likely to spook Korean advertisers with the group (Especially living together). If Jessica did move in, or at least stays there whenever she is in Hong Kong, which is likely much of the time, she likely has no plan to rejoin SNSD at any point in the near future as she knows that even the implication that she has shacked up with Tyler would make rejoining the group impossible even if she shut her business down. I really can’t see her rejoining SNSD except with a couple longshot scenarios when SNSD announces its pending retirement and does a last album or tour and that longshot gets bigger if she is living with someone or married.

      I hope Jessica’s scarves sell and that her business goes okay as she is going to look pretty stupid if her business fails. Of course, we have no idea whether she had really become so burned out on SNSD that she was looking for just about anything else to do and the second she got some support from Tyler on the idea of a fashion business, she jumped at the opportunity, but was not yet confident enough to properly exit SNSD to pursue something else full time. I hope too that Tyler isn’t the scumbag that he sounds like and that she keeps her personal investments far away from him even if they did marry as he strikes me as someone who will blow through her money and bail once it’s gone. Obviously she appears smitten with him, but hopefully she hasn’t been sucked in by a con man. You’d hope that if he is a con man her parents would have detected something amiss and would have done almost everything in their power to keep her from not only dating him, but worse going into business with him. Then again he may be a real charmer who her parents think is awesome. Maybe he’s misunderstood and isn’t the scoundrel he is portrayed to be, but one does wonder.

      1. You really believe that Chinese media news outlet? It’s a tabloid…same one that claimed Yoona was having an affair with Psy. You guys need to stop being so damned gullible. Do you read Enquirer and believe everything in it’s pages? Then why do the same with this crap?

      2. Alex, I hope you noticed that I used the qualifier, “If it is true,” as I am fully aware that the Hong Kong tabloids are like tabloids everywhere and often just make stuff up regarding a public couple being “shacked up.” I was speaking hypothetically based on the assumption of if it was true and what the implications of that would be. Jessica needs to be careful not to give the tabloids any help in making things up or finding out things that are true. Her image is her brand and her brand is her business and she needs to go to great lengths to keep that image clean. If she is staying with Tyler, she needs to get a place of her own as she knows that even implied pre-marital sexual relationships are a big taboo in Korea and her image is closely tied to Korea’s norms as she has always presented a wholesome image. If she is considered to be in a scandal there, she is in a scandal elsewhere too. If she isn’t staying with Tyler, she should probably have SM send its lawyers after that tabloid to get a retraction for impugning her character and she should be aggressively denying it. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were living together. They are both Americans and it would not be uncommon for them to move in together without being married. That said she should know better if that is the case. That sort of thing wouldn’t stay a secret for long as recognizable as she is and she knows that Hong Kong or Seoul are not the same as Southern California.

      3. Alex, I just saw this, so I am glad to see that Jessica is denying that she and Tyler Kwon are living together. I am glad that my discussion above remains hypothetical. Still she needs to stay aware that any missteps she makes are going to get reported, so she needs to be careful about appearances and make very sure that she doesn’t give the appearance of staying the night at Tyler’s place when she is in Hong Kong.

  3. I think Jessica smiled more in that clip that in every fashion shoot she has ever done. I’ll never figure out why fashion photographers seem to be against models smiling as if fashion modeling is a serious business for serious people.

    Remember $200 is only expensive if you just wear it once. If you wear it 200 times it only costs a $1 each time you wear it. Of course a $20 scarf worn 200 times is only 10 cents each wearing. I guess if the scarves move off the shelves at those prices the price is not outrageous at least to someone. Hopefully she is reinvesting the profits well. I wonder what her next accessory line will be, jewelry/watches, belts, hats, or handbags; or whether she will try to move into clothing. Clothing requires a massive inventory investment though as it isn’t one size fits.

    Of course fan boys are likely hoping the next step is Jessica modeling her own swimwear or lingerie line.

    1. Petite & curvy. Jessica at her best.

  4. I’m assuming the sunglasses did well, and that’s why the scarves are that expensive? Apparently she got interviewed by Lane Crawford’s site so that’s a good thing AFAIK about fashion.

    Her fragrance comes out next year, hopefully that’s wear prices go down a bit. I feel like the glasses & scarves are meant to establish the brand as high-end, but the fragrance could be where serious profits are made.

    1. *wear -> where

    2. The sunglasses did do pretty well as I understand it as several of the styles sold out pretty quickly.

      I wonder what Jessica smells like and if they can bottle that for her fragrance? I think we shoudl pay for Yellowslug to go to Hong Kong to track her down and sniff her so he can tell us how she smells. Of course, we may have to post bond for him when he gets arrested for sniffing her.

      You are right about fragrances being very profitable if they are popular as they cost relatively little to make, but sell at a considerable markup.

      1. “I think we shoudl pay for Yellowslug to go to Hong Kong to track her down and sniff her so he can tell us how she smells. Of course, we may have to post bond for him when he gets arrested for sniffing her.”

        LMAO. That’s an interesting visual.

      2. I better not see any Kickstarter begin over this haha.

      3. Isn’t it though. Maybe he could get in line at a signing event and just lean over he table and give her a good sniff before security jumps him. Then he doesn’t have to track her down for a sniff. Go for the neck. I bet it smells nice.

      4. It’s kind funny how so many people – including Usher iirc – have fragrances. And the number of artists/actors who have fashion lines is even larger.

        I realize being an idol is a bit different, but IMO SM should let it’s aging stars (relative, given SNSD are in their mid-20s) get into this sort of business. Guessing SNSD disbands sooner than later and this would give them time to set up their post-idol careers.

      5. Well at the moment I think the group may still be endorsing a perfume called “Girl” that is from a French company marketing in Asia though that may have expired in the last year or two. For some reason I think a few members had separate fragrance endorsement deals, but those might have been for makeup instead. I think the reason SM doesn’t mess with getting its idols into the fragrance or other businesses while still active in a group is that it is a pandora’s box for the most part. If you let Jessica have a fragrance, then Tiffany will want one, and soon Sunny and Yoona will want ones too, etc. If they all have fragrances they likely will cannibalize each other’s sales some, and if one’s does exceptionally well and other’s that follow her’s do poorly, it could get noses bent out of joint over the ones that went first draining the market for the rest of them and why did SM choose or let her to go first. Personalized lines of merchandise therefore are something I think SM wants to avoid at least from the standpoint of SM or its artists being the financier, maker, seller of it. I think they prefer that someone else take the financial risk on developing a product and dealing with manufacturing and marketing it. SM will gladly provide the pitchmen for the product as that is high paying and very low risk. If SM or the members are footing the bill for a fragrance and it doesn’t sell well, someone takes a bath financially and a lot of celebrity fragrances really don’t sell all that well and end up deeply discounted to move. There are too many such fragrances and the market is over saturated. Not only do you have to have something that doesn’t smell like a well known perfume from one of the more famous cosmetics brands or well-established designers, but you have to sell a lifestyle and image for your product that is believably you. Jessica’s ice-princess image actually might server her very well in selling a fragrance as she can market it for the aloof, independent, and sassy young woman using herself in her advertising as that “coolness” hers.with her mannerisms looks like just about every really successful upscale perfume commercial I have ever scene.

        Regarding disbanding, I think we can all be pretty certain that this will be SNSD’s last contract as the whole group. If Jessica was still with them and if none of them were ready to marry or chomping at the big to start a family or do something different professionally, I could see them maybe doing contracts that were say 1 or 2 years long, so they aren’t committed for a long time, but it is enough to cut an album and promote it. However with Jessica gone, I think this will be it. It’s not that Jessica is indispensable. Rather I think that especially if she gets married during the next three years and if her business has some success, some other members are going to get an itch they want to scratch in their own personal and professional lives and now it won’t be like they are the one that left first and “broke up the band.” Jessica is saddled with that in a sense even if the band goes on for a few more years. Also can SNSD top itself in the next couple years or do we see their sales and popularity wane? Their last album was not the success that their previous one was. Was that an anomaly or perhaps the start of a trend and “I got a boy” was likely their peak?

        I doubt it will happen as SNSD just doesn’t seem like a mainstream fit, but one thing that might change things would be if the group crossed over to success in Europe and the America’s in their last year or two. Would that keep them interested enough to keep it going? Would SM deal with them more in the way you would with western artists by not filling their life so full of schedules if they became bigger international artists so they actually do get a pretty full personal life, have time to marry, have time to get pregnant and be away for that last trimester and maternity leave, or give them more time off to pursue hobbies or enjoy their money. If they did have a big breakthrough the financial realities could change how the group is handled and might give them enough freedom that they might keep it going. However I don’t think they are going to catch fire outside East Asia now.

        I’m pretty sure though that SNSD will wrap it up with this contract especially if they can time a last album and farewell tour to coincide with their contracts expiring. Otherwise they might work a bit longer under the terms of their last contract to close things down with a last tour.

  5. I wish her the best but I give this venture very little chance of succeeding.

    Her only realistic market is Sones. Sones with rich parents.

    I don’t think that she will find enough people outside of that extremely narrow demographic willing and able to buy her accessories – especially at these prices.

    It also seems that most of the SNSD fanbase has turned against her – making things even more difficult.

    1. Well a key will be her forging her own identity possibly through a reality TV show revolving around her personal life and the business. As long as she isn’t competing directly with SNSD SM would likely help her with getting such a show off the ground as they would make money off of it and could use it to help boost her modeling, acting, stage musical, or singing career (After SNSD’s next release so that elephant isn’t in the room still of her trying to beat SNSD to the punch or SNSD trying to squash her). Honestly she may not have time for the entertainment biz if she really wants to make this fashion business work, but she could definitely use a reality show to boost her visibility a lot and keep herself in the public eye as a fashionista. That could help keep her sales up and preview new products that are coming or are going to be featured in magazine shoots, etc. The question is whether she is up to having a hard edged reality show that really shows the ins and outs of the business and the impacts on her personal life of that which might allow her to re-brand as a serious businessperson, or whether she wants something that is just self-promotional fluff that looks like a SM publicity reel. A lot will depend on whether Jessica really wants this to work or whether she did this on a lark thinking it would be easy and trusting that Tyler and her have a realistic and well developed business plan (Most people that have claimed to have seen it have said it is basically not worth the paper it is printed on, but whether those are sources without axes to grind in this SNSD affair or people that aren’t fond of Tyler Kwon as a business person are hard to say). I figure she has about a year to really get this off the ground or it likely will be a big flop within a couple years. As you said her plan was likely heavily dependent on Sones and a chunk of them are angry with her and wouldn’t touch her merch while the majority are likely taking a wait and see view on whether she has products worth buying. One thing she does have going for her is that many women in their 20’s and into their 30’s in East Asia live at home with their parents while working and until they get married giving them considerable disposable income to buy designer clothing and accessories as they often aren’t paying for rent or food like they would if they were on their own in an apartment or with roommates their age. A lot of young career women in Asia work for spending money and live off mom and dad otherwise. That said, she still has to make her product something that those women will buy instead of maybe buying a pair of Chanel sunglasses or a Burberry scarf. That’s some tough competition she will be up against. If she has good fashion instincts and keeps on trend or just ahead of it she may be okay. If she is late to market or out too far ahead, she’ll fail. Best of luck to her though. I’d hate to see her company fail in a year or two and she basically blew her shot of staying with SNSD and maybe ends up with a lot of regrets personally and professionally.

      1. “…she still has to make her product something that those women will buy instead of maybe buying a pair of Chanel sunglasses or a Burberry scarf…”

        That’s an extremely tough challenge.

        At this stage, the “Blanc & Eclare” brand is worthless to anyone who isn’t a Jessica fan.

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