Clara Lee Is Coming After Your Gwiyomi Song Next With “Gwiyomi 2”

clara gwiyomi 2

First she conquered the world of hip-hop. Now, Clara Lee is preparing to dominate the aegyo-fueled meme song that is “Gwiyomi” with her own remake of the song, creatively entitled “Gwiyomi 2”.

The song will be produced by the original producer of “Gwiyomi,” Dandi, who apparently was painstakingly thinking about the ideal person to embody the oh-so-preciously-cute remake of “Gwiyomi” and came to the conclusion that the answer was Clara Lee. 

Dandi revealed that when planning for the remake of the song, he thought of collaborating with actress Clara for the project because of her energetic personality and bright aura.

On the one hand, it’s hard to see how one could look at the Gwiyomi song in all of it’s… majesty and think, “You know what would improve this? Clara.” On the other hand, the song really took off as an internet hit after it was popularized by Ilhoon of BtoB and if there’s one person who has mastered the internet it’s Clara. So as a pure internet attention grab, this is a good partnership.

There were also some teaser images released for the upcoming viral hit of the winter. Here they are, presented without comment*.

On the real, this look rules.

On the real, this look rules.

This one, not too much. If you're gonna go pure sugar pop, go pure sugar pop.

This one, not too much. Not enough Disney by way of Austin Powers.

*Ok, one comment. Katy Perry called and she would like her everything back.

The song will be released on December 22nd, just in time for the holidays. I will probably be spending my time off perfecting my “Gwiyomi” skills in time for a Christmas party or two.



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    Reading some of those knetz comments on the junkie you would think she is a whore. They hate so much its really sad. She is glorious, she could be the face of Korea if you ask me.

  2. Well, she is pretty and obviously stacked (Though I think there are many prettier or sexier successful idols and actresses), but she is kind of like a Kardashian in that her talent is simply self-promotion and that really she is just famous for being famous. God bless her if she is making money despite really having nothing to hang her hat on except for having a rocking body that she has profited from without having to take all of her clothes off. I have a feeling though that it won’t be long until she has to end up nude in a Japanese gravure magazine or an Asian edition of Playboy to try to maintain her “15 minutes” of fame. She doesn’t seem to be the kind of model that is going to make big money in Korea hawking products, walking runways, or gracing fashion mags regularly, but maybe she is more popular in Korea than I realize from this side of the pond.

    K-netz crack me up. Clara may not be the sharpest pencil in the box and she may not fit the traditional moral standards of Korea were it is scandalous to wear a bikini without a shirt over it, but she isn’t a whore. Side Note: Why do Korean women bother to buy swimsuits and bikinis as you never actually see the suit? K-netz should check out the Kardashians if they want to know what reality whores who deserve most of their hate are really like.

    I suppose I will have to go dig up the original of this song, but it sounds a bit like this is one of those overly cutesy songs like you see out of Orange Caramel that just don’t do anything for me as first it is too saccharin and secondly why would you take someone a beautiful and sexy as Nana and put her in a goofy outfit with crazy makeup and hair. If someone screams sexy concept it would be Nana or even sophisticated concept.

  3. Since I didn’t know what Gwiyomi was, had to look it up. 15 seconds for youtube to come up + 2 minutes, 53 seconds listening to Hari sing the original, and an additional 30 seconds typing this.

    I want my time back.

    1. I thank you for saving me the effort and the loss of a few minutes of my life. Now I won’t have to look it up I suppose.

      1. Yeah, its worth ten seconds at most.

  4. Saw the members of one the girl groups forced to do this gwiyomi bit as their aeygoo requirement.. gathered it was some childrens’ song (ala sesame street), but still was like WTF?

    Now I know. I could probably STILL watch Clara do it though.

    1. Very common for girl groups to do ‘Gwiyomi’ on variety shows to demonstrate their ‘Aeygo’. Sometimes bearable but often cringe-worthy, as least to me.

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