Waifu Wednesday: Chorong

chorong ww

Park Cho-rong (better known as Chorong) is a South Korean idol singer, dancer and actress. She is best known for being the leader and main rapper of syrup-sweet K-Pop group A-Pink.

The run on A Pink members continues in this week’s Waifu Wednesday with leader (and my personal favorite) Chorong. Like many idols, Chorong was never an overnight sensation. She trained a good deal as a kid and she made it to the final round of auditions for JYP Entertainment before she eventually signed with Cube. Once signed, she was chosen to be the leader of A Pink because Cube realized they had a winner on their hands even if JYP didn’t. She would go on to also pen four songs for her group, including the group’s one year anniversary song “April 19”. In other words, Chorong embodies everything that A Pink has going for it: she’s fairly talented, cute to the point that it almost hurts and she’s not bad as A Pink’s “resident K-Pop rapper who is mostly here to be utterly stunning.” As A Pink evolves from their cavity-causing origins, hopefully Chorong will get even more opportunities to shine.


Chorong is so cute that her smile causes a slight sugar high.

Her sweater game is legit too.

Her sweater game is legit too.

Chorong’s prettiness is stronger than a hurricane.

The real sharknado.

The real sharknado.

Time capsules of our era need only contain pictures of Chorong.

B.C. will now be known as "Before Chorong"

B.C. will now be known as “Before Chorong”

Chorong’s talents could keep poets busy for centuries.

Can turn men into puddles.

Welp, nice knowing y’all.

Life may have few certainties but Chorong melting souls into oblivion is one of them.

All hail fearless leader.

All hail fearless leader.

Chorong is so beautiful that walking near her leaves one vulnerable to whiplash.

Yes ma'am.

Yes ma’am.


falling down



  1. I’m not sure why its so hard to find, but Cho rong went on a religious mission somewhere not too long ago. That to me really defines her.

    And there’s also the mysterious side of her with the sexy dance.

    (not sure how to post a youtube video)

    Can’t help but say that Cho rong as a rapper is silly; has anybody ever heard her rap?

    Love Cho rong (not as much as Eunji though, and I hope Eunji gets a Wednesday sometime soon) Anyway, she really is a beautiful women, and I think she makes a perfect leader for Apink.

    1. Sorry about that. Really don’t know how to do videos.

      Look up: “Popular Kim Nam-joo & Park Cho-rong videos” “140614 APINK Hayoung, Chorong & Namjoo Sexy Dance Preview @ Fanmeeting”

    2. It wasn’t a religious mission. It was volunteer work she did on a Korean TV show:

      1. Thanks for the info. and for finding that video.

  2. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    I am ecstatic because I have eagerly awaited this day.
    I am sad because I will never be happier than this.

    In addition to looking cute as a button, i also find the way she speaks to be damn adorable.
    Her dorkiness adds a dimension that makes her oh so endearing to mere mortals like us.

    She was absolutely hilarious in Apink’s most recent appearance on weekly idol.

    All the world really needs is Park Chorong…

  3. Your comments for Chorong were hilarious XD A+…….. Loved the B.C, Whiplash and Yes Ma’am one’s

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