CL’s American Solo Debut Is Apparently Sponsored By Dr. Pepper


So, CL is set to have a much-anticipated American rap debut and now we have an inkling of an idea for what may be in store for audiences.

I’m just not sure if this snippet/preview/soda advertisement is what people had in mind. Taken from a Diplo snapchat, at least one of CL’s rap tracks appears be an ode to Dr. Pepper (Dear. Lord.):

Edit: YG Entertainment took down the clip (which lends credence to it being CL on the track). If another one surfaces, I’ll update the post accordingly. The lyrics are given below.

CL should be a natural candidate for an American debut due to her fluency in English. Her past attempts at rapping in English AT LEAST demonstrate a a level of competency that should make an American single passable.

So, it’s baffling to see what this “preview” accomplishes. Even if it’s an intro, it’s laughably awful. I’m not sure who penned these lyrics but look upon them and weep for the future of music.

Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper, Dr. Pepper

Chilling in the freezer

When I’m under pressure

I put it on ice, bitch

Dr. Pepper

I’ve heard better rap verses compiled by a committee of drunk college kids playing King’s Cup.

To be fair, it may be too early to judge. Hopefully, this is just a rough cut that was put together as a placeholder for a more polished future effort.



  1. Video has been removed. In other trending news, CL (Clara Lee) moans to a vibrator..

    1. I doubt Clara has to resort to a vibe very often. She strikes me as someone who can easily find a guy when she wants one or a lady for that matter.

  2. Let us hope that this is going to be a serious effort and that this was a song that was designed to be funny based on joke concept for the album as maybe just a couple verses, or this was something to be used in a future Dr. Pepper commercial that she has been approached about doing that may be contingent if her first single is a hit. I would hate to see another K-pop foray into the US appear to be just more Psy-style shtick. It is hard enough to get K-pop to be taken seriously, but if every song promoted here whether in English or Korean seems to be some cheeky comedic effort many in the US public will yawn and move on like they do with most of Weird Al’s parody releases, except for an occassional masterful one.

  3. This is sad. Can 2ne1 please go back to the Can’t Nobody days? Can this happen? I need Teddy to hit a rough patch in his relationship or something so he can start making good music for them again.

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