Kang So-ra Praised For Wearing Peasant Dress To The 2014 MAMAs

kang sora

Actress Kang So-ra stole the show at the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards by wearing a blue-lace dress that (gasp) icky-regular people could buy on a weekend mall visit.

H&M’s strive for fashion legitimacy is now validated.

Netizens were awed that despite the very affordable price tag of $29.95 (USD), the actress was able to make it look very pricey just with her luxurious looks and fit figure. One netizen wrote, “That dress costs like 38,000 KWR? 39,000 KWR? But when Kang So Ra wears it, it looks really expensive… I guess if the hanger is good, then it looks pretty regardless of the price..

Pretty person makes dress look pretty. Earth-shattering stuff.

The news gained enough traction that Kang So-ra’s agency released a statement to confirm that she did, indeed, deign a thirty dollar dress worthy of touching her skin.

The agency told TVDaily on December 4, “It’s true that the ‘H&M’ dress Kang So Ra wore to the ‘2014 MAMA’ was 39,000 Won (~$35). The stylist team usually works under the idea that rather than brand or price, whatever Kang So Ra looks best in is most important. In this case, this dress suited her best. Kang So Ra has a very easygoing personality as well, so we suspect she trusted her stylist and didn’t worry about the brand or price.”

The dress that rocked the MAMAs is indeed available at H&M and it does cost less than an arm and a leg.

hm dress

And to be completely fair to H&M, Kang So-ra did look really good in that dress (bonus IU sighting at the end).

In other news, there are unsubstantiated rumors floating around that Kang So-ra allegedly eats food and she may actually breathe the same oxygen as other inhabitants of earth. We are still waiting for her agency to confirm these details.


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