Waifu Wednesday: Hani


Ahn Hee Yeon (better known by her stage name Hani) is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known for being the visual of K-Pop group EXID.

Much like Naeun of last week’s Waifu Wednesday, Hani is another idol who probably would have already been featured if they had a single which “stuck” with me in their young career (seriously, three music videos in 2012 followed by one in 2014 is odd for the usually strenuous pace of K-Pop). The group’s visuals are always on point (Solji is coming to a Waifu Wednesday post near you) but their actual music has always seemed to follow trends and concepts rather than set them. “Every Night” was pretty great but the recent “Up & Down” rightfully struggled on the charts until fancams of Hani caused the song to surge in popularity.

Hani: Moving heaven and viral videos clicks since 2014.

This is a roundabout way of trying to excuse the total lack of Hani around these parts. I’ve probably failed at that but it’s better late than never and Hani is definitely worth the wait (good lord, legs).


Hani is so sexy that Aphrodite can’t handle it.

And thus, a million clicks were born.

And thus, a million clicks were born.

Hani’s beauty is so strong that it deadlifts trucks.

Sneaker game is strong.

Sneaker game is strong.

Hani’s legs are so incomprehensible that they require their own Pandora’s box.

Yup, moving on.

Yup, moving on.

If Hani’s prettiness could be measured in inches, it’d outpace the expansion of the universe.

Note to self: Selca Sunday.

Note to self: Selca Sunday.

Hani’s movements are better understood as poetry than as physical motion.

Then again, words do not do this justice.

Then again, words do not do this justice.

EXID’s biggest squandered opportunity is simply not releasing fancams of Hani for the rest of forever.




dayum dayum dayum



  1. “Every Night” has got to be the best gas mask, blender, projectile puking video ever made. And I like the black bra and white shirt combo. Very sexy.

    1. It’s a sexy song and video for sure. Wish they could have built on that.

  2. Everyone will be fapping to Hani eventually.

    1. Even homosexual dudes and heterosexual women will be fapping to Hani.

      1. She transcends sexual attraction.

  3. tieuyeunu · · Reply

    This is the first time I’ve seen this girl but will check her out now.

    Her face is too plastic for my taste but her body…different story entirely.

    1. I can kinda see where you’re coming from. It’s easy to see what has caused the resurgent interest in “Up and Down” and it’s not the beat.

  4. The fan cam has more views on YouTube than the official ‘Up & Down’ MV.
    Also, I’ve just spent another half hour watching other recommended fan cams. Those things are glorious. Each Waifu Wednesday should come with one.

      1. Doing the Lord’s work.

  5. Well, it’s not Boram. But I’m glad you took my secondary suggestion. Have you done Min yet? Even if you did, there’s no law against repeats, right?

    1. I have done Min if memory serves. I might do encores obe day but it will hopefully be awhile before that happens.

  6. “Up & Down rightfully struggled on the charts until fancams of Hani caused the song to surge in popularity.”

    That’s not really what happened. Someone did a dance cover for Up & Down. That went viral. People went looking for the original version of Up & Down and that’s when the Hani fancams went viral.

    1. Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.

    2. Link to the original viral dance cover?

      1. This is a reupload of racing model Ryu Ji Hye’s cover of Up & Down. The original video is from AfreecaTV so I can’t link you to it.

      2. I linked to the wrong video. It’s the same dance cover but the audio was changed.

      3. It’s like Vegas. You know it’s fake (and larger than life), but you’d still want to be there.
        Wow, AfreecaTV is strange place.

    3. T-rollypoly · · Reply

      Are you talking about the cam whore? If yes, then that’s not true. The song was already crawling the charts even back in mid October. That cam whore video circulated much later than that. There’s a lot of records on the internet that it is really the fancam that made the song popular but not without the help of a few hundred of their fans that mass marketed the shit of EXID videos on every SNS in Korea.

      1. Um…OK. Calling Ryu Ji Hye a cam whore just makes you sound pressed. I’m not sure what internet records you’re talking about but the Korean articles I’ve read about Up & Down going viral reference Ryu Ji Hye’s dance cover along with the Hani fancams. All the evidence I’ve come across points to the song and fancams going viral after the dance cover. If you can link me to these internet records I’d be much obliged.

        Let me be clear on something because you’re not the first person to throw a hissy fit when the dance cover is brought up. I’m not suggesting Ryu Ji Hye is responsible for Up & Down going viral. Her cover did contribute to some non-fans of EXID searching for the original. Once people found the original, that was all Hani & EXID. I don’t dispute that it was really the fancams that made the song popular. If people hadn’t cared about the song and fancams, then we’d be talking about Ryu Ji Hye’s cover and not about EXID.

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