SNSD’s Tiffany And John Legend Will Attempt To Out-Warble Each Other At The 2014 MAMA


Note: I think both John Legend and Tiffany Hwang are fine singers but I dislike their neo-R&B stylistic choices. With that in mind…

Someone organizing the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards was able to raise enough money to drag John Legend away from making copious amounts of love with his Sports Illustrated swimsuit model wife and counting all his royalties from his ubiquitous and mealy-mouthed sappy single “All of Me” to perform on stage with Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany.

The organizers of the event even made it seem like John Legend knew who Tiffany was beforehand and they insinuated that one of Legend’s most expressed interests in life was to one day perform with the only K-Pop idol who would eagerly match him overly-dramatic warble for overly-dramatic-warble.

A representative of Mnet said to The Fact news on December 2, “John Legend expressed his interest in performing with Tiffany, and SM Entertainment accepted. They are currently working out the details of the performance concept and song name, etc.”

The best part though, is that some intern at SM Entertainment had to put out conflicting reports to make it seem like they were coolly weighing their options.

However, some other reports have remained ambiguous, stating that SM Entertainment is as of yet positively looking over the offer.

“Who’s on the line? John… Legend? Put him on hold, I have Ja Rule over here…”

Sure, the MAMAs pulled a similar stunt last year when they were able to get Stevie Wonder to grace the show with his presence and perform with SISTAR’s Hyorin but that was pretty much a best-case scenario (and that ended up being a passable karaoke session).

It’s one thing to stack the deck with Hyorin AND Stevie Wonder. Putting SNSD’s Tiffany and John Legend on the same stage will only end in tears as someone (probably Tiffany) is likely to physically assault the other in order to claim the climactic note.

TLDR – Best case scenario is essentially this (with Tiffany taking the role of Alicia Keys at 3:20)

Can’t wait.


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