Here’s Your Regularly Scheduled Rumor Of A Jessica Jung Solo Career


reggie martin jessica jung

The hype for a Jessica Jung comeback is real (or at least as real as hype and innuendo from a Venetian casino manager can be).

Senior Manager of Special Events and Sports for the Venetian Casino in Macau Reggie Martin got to meet the Ice Princess and he took a selca with the deposed SNSD member. He also posted this along with the photo on November 30th.

Reggie Martin and 정수연, 鄭秀妍, (Jessica Jung) Korean K-Pop star and fashion entrepreneur and good friend. She is ready to take over the entertainment on her solo new career and I’m happy to be a part of her growth. Get ready for some new exciting projects from her!

This kinda, sorta (Martin COULD be referring to Jessica’s fashion career, although calling that a “solo new career” of “entertainment” is a bit of a stretch) piggy backs off what Jessica had to say in an interview with Marie Claire last month.

I bleed the blood of an entertainer.  In addition, I have the genes for fashion.  In the two categories of work, I want to do well in both.”

(Note: “I bleed the blood of an entertainer” is my favorite quote, ever.)

Between this and Jessica’s stage-sharing with Ja Rule (of all people) at the Manny Pacquiao-Chris Algieri fight in Macao, it is certain that the entertainer’s blood is strong.

So strong.

So strong.

Now, all I can think about wanting for Christmas is a surprise Jessica solo effort. Hell, throw Ja Rule in it as a guest feature (anyone who makes something as great as “Always on Time” gets a free pass in my book).



  1. Makes no sense. Unless, she’s going to start doing shows in Macau. Err, did her agent try asking Wayne Newton whether he needed an opening act in Vegas?
    I hate to say this but things aren’t looking up for Jessica. I mean, Ja Rule?!

    1. I’d party with Ja Rule.

      As for a Jessica solo career, I don’t see it happening anytime soon (which sucks because pop cred can die in an instant).

  2. Her career is finished. She made a very bad career move and overestimated herself. Jessica have fun wrestling with a thing called obscurity.

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