G-Dragon Loves Acolyte Taeyang So Much More Than Mere Associate T.O.P


The man-love between G-Dragon and Taeyang runs deep.

Like, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough deep.

At a recent round table interview to promote their recent collaboration, G-Dragon let it be known how much he adores the care and attention to which Taeyang pays him their craft. When asked to compare his previous collaboration with T.O.P with his current collaboration with Taeyang, GD noted how much easier it was to mind-meld with Taeyang.

“I’m more comfortable with Taeyang than T.O.P, ” answered G-Dragon. “Although Taeyang isn’t a blind follower, I know Taeyang’s style well and I participated in his album so I’m comfortable (with him.) Even when I don’t give exact directions to Taeyang, he brings out the things I want and more. If we made an album, it would inconvenience Taeyang but since we only did one track, it was comfortable,” said G-Dragon.

And while G-Dragon did stress that Taeyang is not merely some “blind follower” devoted to the cult of GD, he did cite Taeyang’s slavish availability as a reason why he prefers keeping Taeyang around working with Taeyang than the physical embodiment of perfection that is T.O.P.

“When T.O.P was working (on our album), he was busy with other schedules too so we weren’t able to meet a lot. On the other hand, Taeyang is always in the studio,” said G-Dragon.

That sort of devotion earns G-Dragon’s eternal gratitude. Literally.  When G-Dragon is buried in his catacombs one day, like Egyptian pharaohs of yesteryear, he would like his pet Taeyang buried with him.

G-Dragon continued to explain his strong bond with his fellow group member, saying, “Taeyang doesn’t talk much and he doesn’t act out loud, but he’s a friend that brings a lot of feeling when he’s next to you. I can feel his naïve honesty. If there could be one friend next to me when I die, I hope it’s Taeyang.”


For real, the self-described relationship between G-Dragon and Taeyang somehow goes from a little cult-ish to a pretty cute before looping back around to shades of Jonestown in record time.

G-Dragon only needs one disciple and his name is Taeyang.





  1. Er, why are all the good looking ones gay? Just kidding… not really.

    1. You mean GD or both? GD is clearly gay, but I’m not 100% sure on Taeyang.

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