Queen of Comedy Clara Lee Makes A Wax Museum Her Own Personal Playground

clara lee bey

We interrupt your usual Wednesday programming (Waifu Wednesday will return next week, promise!) due to unexpected and utterly glorious Clara Lee shenanigans.

No, there was no new rapping music video, nor new list proclaiming her to be one of the most beautiful faces on the planet.

Instead, Clara recently made a trip to a wax museum (according to one fan account, the location is the Hollywood Wax Museum, which seems right but it’s been years since I’ve been) and chronicled her adventures in the tourist trap through a series of pictures which she posted to her Facebook page.

The results are gold. Clara for President of Life.

Underrated flick.

Underrated flick.

Got ur nose.

Got ur nose.

Sensing a theme.

Sensing a theme.

Sharpness confirmed.

Sharpness confirmed.



I see no difference.

I see no difference.

Thanks, Obama.

Thanks, Obama.

Not of this world.

Not of this world.

The Next Generation looks just fine.

The Next Generation looks just fine.

Actress mode in full effect.

Actress mode in full effect.

Not sure what to call this. Waxophilia?

Not sure what to call this. Waxophilia?



On a completely unrelated note, suggestions for next week’s Waifu Wednesday are much appreciated.




  1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    SPICA forever. Also, Yoon Mi Rae (Tasha, T) related to Drunken Tiger and MFBTY, Horan from Clazziquai project.

    I was pretty into Kiss & Cry and Purfles for rookie groups, but I don’t know that there’s enough material yet.

  2. CL!

  3. RaNia members, Puer Kim, Pungdeng-E members, Mamamoo members, A-Kor, Gummy, Exid, EVOL, E.via, D-Unit any one of these groups

    1. Puer Kim and Pungdeng-e I might love you, and with the rest of your list ahhh

      I’ve only ever encountered 2 others that have even heard of Pungdeng-e! Blue is my fave because of her expressions

    2. I had to look up Puer Kim and released that I’ve heard parts of ‘Manyo Maash’ and ‘Bank’ but I’ve never notice her *ahem* assets. Damn..

  4. That last picture 🙂
    Waifu for next week? How about Ellin from Crayon Pop?
    Or #justiceforboram if you’re in a charitable mood. Hee Hee.

    1. #NeverForgetBoram , slug. #NeverForgetBoram .

      1. Why can’t I escape these Boram requests?

  5. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    Some A-Pink love would be nice.
    Naeun is a safe choice but anyone else would be awesome as well.

    Or Hong Jin Young. She appears to be a rather interesting character.

  6. Purfles’s Gunhee and Eunyoung , Any of Mamamoo’s members (or you can trade this with reviewing their newest music — who will comes out on 21st) , LE , Solji , Lee Hi , Ladies’ Code Ashley, and dont forget the almighty-waifu-worthy Crayon Pop.

    have fun searching of them.

  7. Seconding the Puer Kim mention. Love both her song and appearance in Manyo Maash (her whole mini album Purifier is darn good imo). Also mentioning Yenny from Wonder Girls, her solo effort as HA:TFELT is perfection. Or JeA of BEG; there’s a trend of strong females here.

    I’ll suggest Man Candy Monday candidates too: Jang Wooyoung of 2PM, P.O or Jaehyo of Block B, Hongbin, Ravi, or Leo of VIXX, Crush (R&B singer from Amoeba Culture), and Zion. T (another singer from Amoeba Culture).

  8. 2nding Puer Kim from above, also you could continue with Bestie, round out Orange Caramel, or I suggest 4minute’s Gayoon (also the Purfles and Mamamoo recs)

  9. Really good suggestions for next wednesday. But I have to plug the ever adorable Eunji from Apink, slug. Even if she doesn’t make it next Wednesday, please put her in the time slot at some point. She’s one of the best singers I’ve heard in quite some time. And of course as beautiful as an Oklahoma sunset.

  10. My impressions on first seeing Clara in ‘Emergency Couple’ were:
    1. That girl is stacked like a brick pagoda
    2. She couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag
    So I assumed she was a bimbo, because stereotyping

    Since then I’ve seen how deftly she handles social media to stay in the public eye. And these photos show wit and creativity as well.

    Clearly I have been underestimating this formidable woman.

    I nominate Seo Ji Soo for WW, we may never see her again

  11. black soshi · · Reply

    Clara rules. Straight to the top of the bias list! So much awesomeness here its insane.

    Is it too much to do to just finish what should have been done long ago? Complete the OT9!

    1. Surprised that Sooyoung hasn’t her WW yet. Not my favourite but I’ve always thought she’s one of the prettiest in the group.

  12. BoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoramBoram

    But if not, how’s about Hani from Exid? She’s nice.

    1. Evidence of Hani’s worthiness. If you haven’t seen it already: http://youtu.be/cmKuGxb23z0

      1. I love this comment thread. Also, the above video makes me wish I had a 4K monitor to playback Hani’s hotness on.

  13. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Wasn’t expecting such a huge response but it’s always encouraging.

  14. Please do bomi from apink.

  15. mindlikeemptyspace · · Reply

    great pics.

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