Big Bang BFF’s Taeyang and G-Dragon Will Be Collaborating On Some YG Entertainment Project

yg who's next

YG Entertainment, in an effort to create some sort of hype for its talented but sporadically promoting roster, has been teasing some collaboration projects which are supposed to be huge, super mysterious deals.

Well, YGE has unveiled the first project and it’s… G-Dragon and Taeyang.

Which is about the least surprising “first time” hip-hop collaboration that YG could have come up with. Hell, a G-Dragon and TOP collaboration may have actually been more surprising. But noooooo:

Fans who have been waiting a really long time to see a G-Dragon and Taeyang collaboration now have their wish granted!

YG Entertainment released a new ‘Who’s Next?‘ teaser for its hip hop project, showing that the partner working alongside G-Dragon will be none other than Taeyang!  They will be releasing the very first project on November 21 at midnight, but there’s more.

Excuse me, but G-Dragon and Taeyang have already collaborated (more than a couple of times). And frankly, they’ve already created their masterpiece:

There’s no topping “I Need a Girl” (or Dara in “I Need a Girl”) as far as a melding of Taeyang and GD’s talents and I don’t care that it’s not hip-hop or whatever. Seriously, if YG Entertainment wanted to hype up some mysterious collaboration projects for the label, perhaps they could have taken the extraordinary step of having idols from different groups work together, rather than just plucking out two idols who have already extensively worked together from the same group.

Basically, I want my Lee Hi and CL collaboration and I will pitch a fit if the second collaboration is CL, Minzy and Bom.


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  1. Maybe the second collab will be Seungri, Daesung, and TOP. CL is likely busy right now or getting ready to head to the US, so I don’t expect her to be involved. It would be nice to see Minzy involved in something. She needs to start looking at something to do post 2NE1 or if 2NE1 ends up on a long hiatus if CL has success of any kind in the US and is over here opening for someone and maybe working on a follow up project. Unlike Bom and Dara that might be happy for a break at their age to do some dating or maybe look for a guy to marry, Minzy is still pretty young and likely would want to continue performing. Also Bom could take advantage of a hiatus to do her mandatory “reflection” time for that nonsense with the amphetamines that got dredged back up four years later. I don’t know if Minzy has the following to be a soloist. She likely has the talent as she is a pretty good singer and rapper, and the lead dancer. She’d be in a similar position as Nicole though she isn’t as attractive as Nicole perhaps. If 2NE1 was to officially disband Minzy might be old enough to become the leader of a new girl group at YG if the other members were younger and the musical style of the group was to be similar. She’d likely make a good leader for a group of rookies as with her background. Rarely would you have a leader with that kind of experience available as few girls debut at age 14 or 15 and then have the kind of success she has by the time they are 20. The only other person I can think of with that kind of experience and young age is Jiyoung from Kara who also debuted at 14 I think and is only 20 or 21 now.

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