Nicole Jung’s MV Teasers For “MAMA” Are Dreams Made Real


Set to release on November 19th, Nicole Jung has released two teasers for her upcoming solo release “MAMA” this week. The first, released on November 10th, was more of a teaser of a teaser. Featuring Nicole with about sixty thousand fake tattoos splattered all over her, the first teaser doesn’t give much of anything away. Hell, even the music played over it sounds like the intro beat to an eighties Madonna concert more than anything else.

Luckily, the second teaser divulged a bit more and from what can be seen, things look perfect.

If there is one talent which any Nicole Jung solo should take advantage of, it’s her dancing ability. The beat, a classy jazzy number, will hopefully allow for a dance number that is more expansive than what is usually seen in K-Pop due to either large group numbers that don’t really try to integrate all members at once or solo singers who are usually picked more for their vocals than their choreography skills. Seeing as how Nicole has the full capabilities to be a great showman on the stage, it’s a relief to see that that’s the direction that the music video appears to be taking.

While I’m generally not a fan of dance-in-the-box concepts (mainly because it’s the apparent “go-to” for girl group videos) but if anyone is tailor-made for such a video, it’s Nicole.




  1. Agreed, choreography will be very important for Nicole as it is her strongest point, and while Ailee, IU, or Lee Hi might out-sing her, they can’t out-rap or out-dance her. As you said she should be able to show something that you don’t see from other soloists and is different from her senior labelmate too in that regard as Hyori isn’t a serious dancer either.

    It’s funny I watch Ailee live at times and you can see how much she would like to dance, but bless her little heart, she just doesn’t have the dance background or skills to really move. Still she does what she can. I suspect that Ailee will be very happy for Nicole if Nicole does well.

    If Nicole’s songs are catchy musically and don’t push her outside her vocal range she will have a great chance to do as well as Hyori has done as a soloist, and most idols would kill their own mother’s for Hyori’s solo career.

    The only singer I can think of that might dance as well as Nicole and sings better isn’t a full-time soloist, and that’s Hyorin. Hyosung is a good dancer too and her curves help her dancing a lot, but vocally she is about equal to Nicole I think.

    I really hope B2M can get her onto a variety or reality show as a regular quickly as I that would help her a lot. She was quite popular on variety shows prior to her falling out with DSP and them apparently getting even by holding her out of all but a token amount of outside work. It won’t hurt her that Hyori has contacts all through that industry. She has the added advantage in that she can also work the stranger in strange land angle because she is from the States, but has now been in Korea long enough to be a local as well depending on what a show needs.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more of her work next week.

  2. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    Perhaps Nicole will walk in BoA’s footsteps when it comes to MVs. I rather enjoy BoA’s dance versions.

    1. Yes, BoA has had some very nice videos. I don’t know why I always forget about BoA when thinking of K-pop soloists. It likely is because she spends so much time in Japan.

    2. Yeah, BoA is pretty much best case scenario (and a high goal to reach).

  3. I’m a bit worried the video will be as disjointed as the teaser…as you & Kent say Nicole’s strength is her dancing.

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