GLAM’s Dahee Can’t Stop Apologizing For Her Attempted Blackmail Of Lee Byung Hun


In an attempt to sway the Seoul District Court during her trial, GLAM’s Dahee has submitted enough apology letters to fill a small novel for her role in the attempted blackmail of Lee Byung Hun.

The original incident first became public in early September when Lee Byung Hun did the smart thing and went to the police alleging that he was being blackmailed by two women. The two women ended up being Dahee and model Lee Ji Yeon, who claimed that they had tape of Lee Byung Hun and them drinking and talking about naughty things or something:

Lee Byung Hun reported the case to the police on August 28, after receiving demands that he pay the two women 5 billion won (roughly $5 million,), according to Yonhap News. The video was reportedly a clip filmed at Lee Byung Hun’s home, with the three of them drinking and talking inappropriately.

True to her group’s name, one will never fault Dahee for not being ambitious.

Now that she’s been caught and brought to trial, Dahee has spent her time writing apology after apology because… it’s not like her (or GLAM for that matter) has had much else to do recently. How many apologies has she written so far?


And with more court dates coming, there’s bound to be more as well.

GLAM’s Dahee has now submitted her eleventh letter of apology to the Seoul Central District Court on November 13 for attempting to blackmail actor Lee Byung Hun for millions of dollars with model Lee Ji Yeon. It has only been a week since her last one and there will undoubtedly be more before the second round of trials on November 24, which will also involve an appearance by Lee Byung Hun for testimony.

I’m not sure how many more ways one can say “I’m an idiot and dun goofed” but one can’t fault Dahee for trying I guess (she gets what she deserves for trying to hatch such a dumb scheme though). Hopefully, she’s written about fifty billion apologies to her group-mates because, damn it, GLAM was really freaking good.



  1. Yep, it is a shame that she has completely hosed her fellow members like this. Fortunately they can probably recover from it once they find a replacement for her, taken the requisite year off to reflect on why they didn’t do a better psych profile on Dahee before she joined the group to predict this behavior, wait for her to get sentenced so she is out of the news cycle, and then find a song good enough that they can have at least a moderately successful comeback.

    Apparently Dahee and her model friend did not take Crime 326: Blackmailing and Extorting Celebrities for Fun and Profit while she was in college or at the adult education night school annex after idol trainee school was done for he day. If she had, perhaps, she would have known that you don’t try to extort a celebrity over naughty talk and drinking with women who are of legal age at his house. That’s nothing. It’s only mildly embarrassing for him personally and the only real repercussion is that his wife might slap him with a divorce over it, but actors and actresses get divorced all the time for messing around with little real penalty for their career and many are just expected to mess around and flirt by their spouse who only gets upset when they are dumb enough to get caught. They must have missed the section on successful blackmail involving getting commission of felonies on camera without your on camera involvement unless you are to be the victim of his criminal act. That’s the only thing people will pay to have it go away when you are asking for a seven or eight figure amount of money. It has to be something that will ruin them forever financially and socially.

    These apology letters are just classic. I guess she has little else to do while sitting in jail awaiting trial. Clearly the girl is a dumbass who doesn’t realize for crimes like this an apology note and some amount of hours picking up trash as community service isn’t going to suffice. This isn’t like egging someone’s house. If she is lucky and spends over a year in jail before this is all wrapped up, she might get credit for time served and a long period of probation, but likely she will be made an example of by the judge since she is higher profile than your usual extortionist and they will toss her in prison for a few years at least just to remind male and female gold diggers looking for a score off a celebrity that there is a risk if you get caught.

  2. Victor Delacroix · · Reply

    Isn’t Lee Byung Hun widely rumoured to cheat on his wife like, all the time? If it’s true I’d say he’d deserve to get blackmailed.

    1. If he cheats on his wife regularly and she puts up with it is it really cheating. That sounds more like an open marriage, where she accepts he messes around, but the marriage works for them. Actors and actresses are just different than most of us. They are surrounded by people offering themselves up. Even the most dedicated monogamous individual would have a hard time not succumbing to the temptations in that business. If you want a marriage to last in as an actor or actress quite often you just have to accept there will be flings and affairs and you just make a pact of sorts that you keep them discreet and that they don’t become committed relationships. She likely knew the score when she married him. For all we know she may have had her own flings as she’s attractive and certainly has had some guys throw themselves at her.

      I can’t say that anyone deserves to be made the victim of a crime unless they have committed a crime as well. Having drinks with two young women and talking dirty isn’t a crime. It’s not even a one night stand. It’s just embarrassing. Wouldn’t the two young ladies in this case deserve to be black-mailed just as much by him. They knew he was married, but there they were. The same recording that embarrassed him could have just as easily been turned on them and hurt their careers perhaps even more than his.

      Honestly this is almost comical how this whole thing was bungled and how much discussion it has generated over something so insignificant. It really is about the lamest blackmail attempt I have ever heard of. I can’t imagine how the two ladies thought they would actually pull this off without something much more serious to hold over his head.

      His wife may really be upset with him over this as maybe she expected monogamy, but I suspect she is just more upset that he publicly embarrassed her by this going public.

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