Nine Muses Have Been Working On Something Called A “Namu Cast”

nine muses 2014

It’s been a really, really quiet year for Nine Muses as far as actual group promotions. Sure, the group made news waves in 2014 with the departures of Lee Sem, Eunji and (*weep) Sera but the group has laid low, especially compared to 2013.

Last year, Nine Muses released four singles. This year? None. Yes, all that Nine Muses has done so far this year is lose a third of their roster.

Now, it appears that the six members of Nine Muses have something in the works, although it’s pretty unclear as to what that “something” is supposed to be.

The teaser is for ‘NAMU Cast‘, and it looks like it’s going to be a new show for the girls. However, there is no information out yet about its format or when it will be airing, though some fans have guessed that it will be either a reality format or perhaps an audition show for the next members of the group.

Hopefully, it’s the latter. Nine Muses has survived without nine members before (in fact, the group has had less than nine members more often than they’ve had nine members to their name) but seeing the group with only six members is a bit disappointing, especially after considering how promising things looked for Nine Muses following their 2013 marathon of releases.

This is a lot of words to say that more Minha and Kyungri is always appreciated and hopefully this bodes well for a lot more Nine Muses in 2015.





One comment

  1. Nine Muses fan here. Love Wild and especially Gun. And I also didn’t like that Sera left (although still a fan a Sera). But I don’t understand the mystery. Does the teasing really draw people to the product? Am I supposed to get excited over something so obscure? I haven’t seen a good tease since my first foray into strip clubs in the late 70’s and 80’s. The possibility this is a variety show, Christmas special, or show to find new members (or God forbid another documentary), is not very encouraging.

    The girls need to make music. Pure and simple. Production quality of Gun and Wild were over the roof. Do it again girls, and leave the fluff for someone else.

    Wish them the best of luck.

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