Selca Sunday – Like Selfies But Better

bora sistar selca

Welcome to this week’s edition of Selca Sunday, where the infinite space of social media is tirelessly curated to include only the best of the K-Pop media sphere. In this week’s edition, Bora makes any light look heavenly and idols like taking pictures with other idols. Without further ado:

Dahye of BESTie:

Twice as nice.

Twice as nice.

Jooyeon and UEE of After School:

A devastating tag team.

A devastating tag team.

Jieun of SECRET:

For the first time in forever, a doily is cute.

For the first time in forever, a doily is cute.


Ailee is an emoticon.

Ailee is an emoticon.

Jaekyung of Rainbow:

Back at ya.

Back at ya.

Nari of Wassup:

And no shits were given.

And no shits were given.

Hyosung of SECRET:

I'm not sure what type of face this is, so I'm going to go with "the Warhead."

I’m not sure what type of face this is, so I’m going to go with “the Warhead.”

Jia and Fei of miss A:

The best lunch date.

The best lunch date.

Seohyun and Yoona of SNSD:

Somehow, I'm pretty sure that Yoona has whiter skin than Snow White.

Somehow, I think that Yoona has whiter skin than Snow White.

That’ll do it for this week, everyone. Enjoy every minute of the rest of your weekend. Life is short and sweet, carpe diem etc.



  1. If they ever do another edition of “Real Men” with the ladies doing their turn at military duty, I hope Bora goes. I’m interested to see how she would do with all the physical challenges and competitive things that go with that.

    I guess Fei and Jia were in Japan based on the writing on the wall behind them. I wonder if they were just there traveling, or if they were there working?

    Seohyun makes one hell of a hot looking vampire. She can bite my neck any time she wants to.

    We see so many great photos of the members of Rainbow, but it is so sad we see so little promotion of them by DSP. I wish they would promote them more often and better. They seemed so close to a breakthrough on their last full group promotion in the summer of 2013 and since then there has only been a subunit promotion with Rainbow Blax. I realize DSP has been a bit pre-occupied with Kara, but they need to be able to promote their different groups better if they are going to have more than one. It must be frustrating for the members of Rainbow as I would think it has to hurt their earnings promoting so rarely.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    Someone should get Yoonhyun some food. Fattening, sugary, delicious food. Since Seo’s costume makes this unfair I think this week the crown goes to…Dahye. A close second is After School. And I’m so OVER it Hyosung. Ah, I feel better now.

  3. Yikes, I have never seen a worse looking photo of Yoona than the one above. That look does not look good on her.

  4. Slug, i suggest you need to look at Purfles. Especially Gunhee. because Gunhee is worth it.

    Worth. It.

  5. Seohyun is insanely sexy nowadays.

    1. By the way, Seohyun just got cast to play Scarlett O’Hara in the “Gone with the Wind” musical in Korea. That’s some very nice news for her to get a lead in a musical again.

      It is funny how it seems like we blinked and suddenly Seohyun went from a girl to being a woman.

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