AOA Are Going A Little Too Literal With Their Music Video Teaser For “Like A Cat”


I’m not sure what I was expecting for AOA’s latest comeback but I don’t think it was this.

Fashioned somewhere between a furry convention, Madonna’s “Vogue” and the soundtrack to an H&M department store, AOA has released their first teaser for “Like A Cat” (“Sappeun Sappeun”).

And while the sexy concept isn’t a surprise considering that AOA has gone that particular route consistently since the group gained traction, the beat is a bit unorthodox for Brave Brothers as the production appears to ditch the team’s signature disco sound in favor of something infinitely more eighties and “glam”. However, the beat is plenty slick and the black and white motif plays well with the sex kitten concept, even though the rest (especially those god awful masks) is on the verge of overkill.

Also, while Seolhyun is very pretty and all that, she isn’t exactly giving off the sexiest vibe here, despite all the editing and wardrobe trickery going on. When she “claws” in the air, I want to pet her on the head and give her a ball of yarn to play with.




  1. My body is ready for this comeback. That is all.

  2. I was expecting whips and a St. Andrews cross and did you really mean the H&M department store or the S&M supplies store. 🙂

  3. This looks like the perfect concept for this group.

  4. MV trailer below. You get to see the other ladies.

    There’s also a highlight medley of the album. Not sure I like the title track but some of the other tunes sound promising.

  5. Full MV is out. The general reception seems to be positive, but the song’s a ‘meh’ for me. The group need to tone down the number of Jimin “Hey”s in their songs because it’s starting to annoy.

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