AOA Release Jacket Photo For Promising Looking ‘Walking Softly” Comeback

aoa walking softly

Oh look, Ace of Angels (AOA) looks to be working the same formula that worked wonders for “Miniskirt” and “Short Hair” for their next comeback “Walking Softly” (‘Sappeun Sappeun’).

I, for one, am shocked at this development.

Brave Brothers (again) with a likely stupidly sexy concept (again). If it worked the last two times, then why not go for a third. Remember, it’s only insanity if it doesn’t work and AOA has fine-tuned their formula to a tee. (Hopefully the group’s consistent success allows them to experiment with AOA Black soon. Remember that thing? Poor Youkyung must be on ice right now.)

The group also released a rollout schedule for “Walking Softly” because it wouldn’t be a K-Pop release without eight promos for a music video which is more or less another promo designed to move records.

The girls also unveiled their comeback schedule on their website. The full music video will be released on November 11, preceded by a spotlight teaser on November 5, a highlight medley on November 6 and a video trailer on November 7!

Scribble in your calendars accordingly. More Choa is always a good thing.




  1. Damn, look at Seolhyun.

    The original song was probably titled ‘Hooker Boots’ until someone wisely changed it to ‘Walking Softly’.

  2. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    I must be the only one on the planet that remains unimpressed by aoa. I remember hating the video for short hair, but thinking the song was OK. Miniskirt I didn’t like the song or the video. I think they are talented singers (save maybe the one who raps like a chipmunk), so maybe I’d like their subunits better? Can you give me some examples of their other songs so I can stop hating on aoa entirely?

    1. [checks playlist] Besides ‘Short Hair’ and ‘Miniskirt’, you can also check out ‘Confused’, ‘Get Out’ and their debut track ‘Elvis’. A lesser known (slow) track which I enjoy is ‘Under the Street Light’. I didn’t pay much attention to AOA until my favourite track ‘Moya’ by AOA Black (sub-unit), which was the song that led me to this blog and hence my handle here.
      Some of the songs are performed by both the entire group or the sub-unit. Youkyung (the drummer) only appears in the sub-unit. She’s a cutie too.

    2. I agree with the comment above. The band subunit is better, music-wise.

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