SPICA Drops MV Teaser For All-The-Feels Digital Single “Ghost”


Well, the first week of November is starting to look very promising. Aside from Clara Lee forever altering the course of music with her own release, SPICA is going to drop “Ghost” which, based on the teaser, should be mandatory for every K-Drama for now until the end of time.


If SPICA can’t find their footing in K-Pop, then it should be a compulsory law that they be contracted to sing every single ballad for every overly dramatic movie and television show that ever crosses the desk of an entertainment executive.

Hell, the snippet of the song sounds so good that I can almost overlook the video which looks like they quickly filmed for five minutes back stage while Lee Hyori diced up a room full of onions directly behind the camera.

November 5th y’all. Stock up on tissue.



  1. is it just me or i heard word “Jiwon” and “SPICA” in the reff when Bohyung sung?
    i smell some tribute to their group, hm.

    1. edit : apperently this song is just for celebrating their 1000th day since debut, hence why the word SPICA is heard.


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