SPICA Is Making A (Digital) Comeback With “Ghost”, Time To Get (Somewhat) Excited

Spica - Oh Boy! Magazine Vol.40 (4)

Although this may be releasing about a week too late, SPICA will release a new digital single “Ghost” on November 5th.

The single will be produced by Sweetune who has worked with the group before, notably with the extremely awesome “Russian Roulette” and the decidedly not-as-awesome “Lonely”.

“Ghost” will be about the eternal sadness of relationships or something:

“Ghost” is a song about yearning for a past love that cannot be easily erased from one’s memories and heart like a lingering ‘ghost’.

This will mark the first appearance of SPICA since the debut of stretching-the-very-definition-of-sub-unit SPICA.S (remember SPICA.S? I barely do). And while a digital single isn’t usually noteworthy because it usually means that there’s no music video to go with it, when it comes to SPICA, the real treat is the vocals anyways. So, rejoice! SPICA in the ear holes is good for the soul.

Now, where is mai Boa solo comeback? That one better come with a video.



  1. Maybe the full group should now be called the max-unit.

    It will be nice to hear more SPICA. I wish they could find that tune that breaks through for them with the public and gets them a number 1 on GAON or Instiz and some show wins. They got close with “You Don’t Love Me” being a finalist on some shows. It’s really frustrating to see such a talented group not have more commercial success while some groups with far less talent do so well. Vagaries of the music business I suppose. It isn’t always talent.

  2. I had thought that “Break Away” was a break out hit. But alas, I guess not. Love Spica, and loved “I did It”; glad the girls are still working.

    I will admit that I did not consider Spica.s to be a sub-unit. They left out Kim Boa and gave a strong showing with “Give Your Love”. With Boa as talented as she is ( and having other projects which is what I believed to have caused her absence), it felt natural for the other girls to keep making music. And besides, Narae is just as strong a singer as Boa. I guess that’s what makes “Break Away” such a good tune, while all the girls are good singers, Boa and Narae really make that song go.

    Looking forward for the groups latest effort.

    1. Kim Bo Hyung is also a really strong singer too. I lover her cover of Let It Go.

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