Waifu Wednesday: Nam Jihyun

jihyun cover

Nam Ji Hyun (better known as Jihyun) is a South Korean idol singer, dancer and actress. She is best known for being the leader, vocalist and face (it’s true!) of K-Pop group 4Minute.

It’s a bit strange that the leader of one of K-Pop’s more reasonably popular groups is neither its most popular member (Hyuna overshadows the rest of 4Minute so much that the group could be called Hyuna and the Hyuna-ettes and no one would blink) nor had many opportunities to spread her wings outside the group (Hyuna with Troublemaker, Gayoon and Jiyoon with 2Yoon). Jihyun doesn’t even have a padded solo effort either. If anything, she’s had more success as an actor. It’s all somewhat odd because, outside of Hyuna’s undeniable charisma, Jihyun should stand out more. She’s a good vocalist (not that 4Minute requires heavy vocal lifting), a fine dancer and she’s incredibly pretty in a group that isn’t short on pretty faces. One can understandably see why Cube Entertainment went with Jihyun as the face and leader of 4Minute. She has all the tools. Hopefully, her time comes soon.


Jihyun is so sexy, she makes sirens lose their voices.

Filter can't destroy flawlessness.

Filter can’t destroy flawlessness.

Jihyun is so underrated, hipsters haven’t created a term to describe her yet.

More powerful than a nuclear plant.

More powerful than a nuclear plant.

Jihyun’s beauty makes the whole world look less vibrant by contrast.

Death by bite.

Death by bite.

Jihyun is more dreamy than a city full of Sandmen.

This shot should be impossible.

This shot should be impossible.

Jihyun is so amazing that magicians swear she cheats.

The cuteness is real.

The cuteness is real.

Jihyun’s influence on matter is only rivaled by gravity.

Hell, even her figure is underrated.

Hell, even her figure is underrated.


oh my god



  1. Wow, that last gif! Did not see this one coming but am pleasantly surprised. Thanks for giving Jihyun her overdue dues. She’s one of the few K-Pop idols that actually look Korean to me, It’s also heartening that she’s comfortable with her naturally voluptuous figure, instead of shedding ridiculous amount of weight like Gayoon and Hyuna.

    Hyuna dolls up well, but Jihyun is easily the prettiest member of 4Minute. Guys would approach Jihyun in clubs and on the streets without realizing who she is (which kinda saddens her).
    Here are the girls with minimal makeup on their 2010 Ariul endorsement photoshoot. Judge for yourself.

  2. Figure not underrated by me. One of the first mom-SNSD vids I ever saw was Mirror, Mirror, and her body caught my eye almost immediately.

    Another bullseye!

  3. Her figure is out of control!

  4. black soshi · · Reply

    Alright! 4Minute love going on. I have viewed some fancams of the performances where they are in the orange/black cape-type outfits and ALL of them look incredible! Best kpop performance outfits ever. She is hot as hell though, nice choice.

  5. @Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts – I think you mean non-SNSD 🙂 Mirror Mirror was the rare 4Minute MV which they employed a sexy image, versus the epilepsy-inducing ones used more often (so sexy in fact that the Mirror Mirror ‘spread legs’ dance was banned on TV).

    @black soshi – I don’t think the girls (even Jiyoon) ever looked hotter than they did during their 2010 Japan Zepp Tokyo concert. As attested by the above gif and the video below, unzipped skin-tight jump suits are the best stage outfits eveeeeeeeeeeeer!!

    1. mom-SNSD. Good grief! I didn’t even notice. Stupid autocorrect.

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