Internet God And Hip-Hop Immortal Clara Lee Named Second Most Beautiful Person In The World By Some Lifestyle Magazine

clara lee mode

Clara Lee has been named the 2nd most beautiful person on Planet Earth by Mode Lifestyle Magazine, which is presumably decided by a complex computer algorithm designed to generate page views and troll netizens worldwide.

This could just be a hunch but when you’re number one pick (a Tania Marie Caringi) leads to the following Google Image search, something’s a little hilariously off:

I wasn't kidding about Clara's internet domination.

I wasn’t kidding about Clara’s internet domination.

In response to the news, Clara took to Instagram to celebrate by posting a ton of shots from her photo shoot for Mode. And while the two most beautiful things in the history of things are objectively Wang Fei Fei and Wang Fei Fei in theĀ alternate dimension, like Nana before her, it’s a bit difficult getting worked up about it. Clara is pretty? Color me surprised.

The world is Clara’s plaything and we’re all puppets at her disposal.

(For real, the best part about all of this is that I knew something had happened when I looked at my homepage and found that the top four articles were all Clara related. She is some sort of internet wizard.)

Search Engine PhD.

Search Engine PhD.

Goddess of clicks.

Goddess of clicks.

Hail Based Clara.

Hail Based Clara.

Media mogul.

Media mogul.

Witness greatness.

Witness greatness.



  1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    The final shot is my favorite because that smile combined with that booty. Dammmmmn

    1. It is an excellently composed shot, that’s for sure.

  2. Never heard of Mode Lifestyle Magazine nor Tania Marie Caringi (had the same funny problem with Google image search there). The story apparently is that a relatively unknown Korean ‘actress/model/artist?’ made it to #2 in an International magazine. No big deal if you ask me because incredible breasts and bums are universally worshipped *ahem, Demi Rose*
    Yes, the last picture is the best because it manages to capture her best assets. I’m not referring to her smile.

    1. I don’t think anyone was going to be confused by what you meant haha.

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    The first three pics are phenomenal. The fourth the worst I have ever seen. The fifth one, coupled with the Nylon shots makes me wonder how she isn’t number one. In whatever magazine hotness thing anywhere.

    1. Yeah, when a Clara shoot is going right, it’s something to behold.

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