AOA Will Go Back To The Brave Brothers Well For Their Latest Comeback


In the tried and true method of “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”, AOA has announced that they’ll be making a comeback on November 11th with a new music video and six track mini-album.

Like their last two comebacks, the group will be going back to Brave Brothers, who was also responsible for ‘Miniskirt’ and ‘Short Hair’ because there are apparently only about five production teams in all of K-Pop.

On October 27, FNC Entertainment’s CEO, Han Sung Ho, revealed through the agency’s official website, “I am writing to share the news about AOA’s November comeback in Korea, as they have continued to receive a lot of love since early this year with ‘Miniskirt’ and ‘Short Hair.’”

The CEO continued, “AOA, who are returning five months after ‘Short Hair,’ are currently preparing hard to show a great performance. AOA’s new album is scheduled to be released at midnight, going from November 10 to 11. There will be a total of six tracks and they are looking forward to [the album] being the best gift for fans that have been waiting for a new song.”

Meanwhile, AOA is working with Brave Brothers once again, after producing their previous hit songs “Miniskirt” and “Short Hair” earlier this year.

For those that are tiring of the Brave Brothers “sound” (a mixture of sexy disco and frustrating K-Pop sheen), this may illicit a groan. However, “Miniskirt” and “Short Hair” were above average singles that also featured ChoA and Yuna doing their thing, so I’m trying to not look this gift horse in the mouth too much. At the very least, we’re probably going to get about fifty different choreography dance videos for this and that’s never a bad thing.

Yup, dead.

Yup, dead.



  1. Yeeeees! Looking forward to the girls and Elsa, I mean Choa.

  2. I maintain tha Short Hair is one of the best songs released this year and AOA’s best. I’m hoping the new one is just as good.

  3. I figure so long as the girls stay hot as f— things will go well for them…then again, didn’t seem to work that well for Rainbow Blaxx…

    1. Rainbow and everything associated with them will forever seem destined to be received lukewarmly. Jaekyung deserves better.

      1. I feel bad for Rainbow. ‘A’ popped up on my workout shuffle during my run today and I recalled how excited I was the first time I discovered them. They were so incredibly hot in that MV too. I think the odds are stacked against groups with too many members (Rainbow, 9Muses, Afterschool.. etc). 4-5 seems to be the ideal number for a group. AOA are exempted of course, since they are Goddesses and not mere mortals.

    2. It’s suppose to be a ‘cute and bright’ image this time around. Whatever that means.

  4. Victor Delacroix · · Reply

    Brave Brothers is one of K-pop’s strangest composers, because his songs are either amazing and memorable (After School’s “Because of You) or god-awful and long-forgotten (Rania’s “Pop Pop Pop”). There’s no in-between.

    1. Yup, it’s why I list Brave Brothers among my most favorite producers who I always cringe when I see their name attached to projects.

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