Clara Lee. Nylon Fashion Magazine. Guess Underwear. That Is All.

clara nylon 2

I had planned to do a music video review on Super Junior’s “This Is Love” because there’s been a disturbing lack of man K-Pop around these parts recently but that’ll have to wait for one more day.

Clara Lee did a magazine shoot for Guess Underwear and those combination of words take precedence over… life itself. Seriously, if this was shown to me while driving, there’s a good chance that I’d drive straight through several parks and not realize a thing.

And now, to the amazing rep who had to spill some word vomit that made “Clara Lee in underwear” seem like some sort of pinnacle of artistic achievement rather than a “can’t miss” opportunity for all involved.

A rep from the photo shoot stated, “In this photo shoot, we set aside the often used showy or cheery atmosphere and went for a feminine, cozy, and warm concept instead.  Within that, we emphasized Clara’s unique sexiness to direct a new kind of atmosphere.  A satisfying photo shoot was born from the meeting between ‘Guess Underwear’s trendy autumn products that have romantic lace or classy patterns and Clara’s dramatic body.”

While there’s plenty of great press release Mad Libs going on here, the best has to be “we emphasized Clara’s unique sexiness to direct a new kind of atmosphere” which seems to imply that Clara’s body bends time and space like some sort of inexplicable sexual phenomena.

I mean, it’s not wrong to characterize Clara that way, but it’s certainly an interesting interpretation.

Best rapper alive.

Best rapper alive.



  1. I concur with the rep that any ‘meeting’ with ‘Clara’s dramatic body’ would be extremely ‘satisfying’. Now if you can please excuse me, I need to attend to my nose bled..

  2. Are those real or store-bought? I volunteer to inspect them by hand to determine which. 🙂

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    Extraordinary hotness. Two of the finest pictures ever on this blog.

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