KARA’s Gyuri Is The Goddess Of Everything For ‘Arena Homme Plus’

gyuri arena homme kara 2

The term “goddess” gets thrown around a lot but if someone refers to “the Goddess” with a damn capital “G”, they had better be talking about KARA’s Gyuri.

Gyuri recently did a photoshoot for the November issue of ‘Arena Homme +”. Many pictures were taken. Many words were presumably written. Many meaningless press releases were issued. 

A representative for the magazine explained that the photo shoot allowed Gyuri to show a slightly different facet of her image and personality than most fans are used to seeing.

The representative said, “Through this photo shoot, we were able to see two aspects of her personality. She is both sexy and frail, and in the photographs, Gyuri revealed her mature womanly beauty, rather than a more innocent persona.”

That sure is a whole lot of words for, “We got the hell out of the way and let the Goddess do her thing.”

The idea of Gyuri “revealing” her “mature womanly beauty” as if that’s something new is pretty funny though. The Goddess hasn’t really done aegyo or any “innocent persona” that wasn’t a part of a KARA promotion in… maybe forever. She’s adorable when she fails at it though.

Just... ffffffffffff.

Just… ffffffffffff.

All hail "mature womanly beauty"

All hail “mature womanly beauty”


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