Review: Girl’s Day – “I Miss You (Want To See)” Is Pretty Basic Stuff and That’s A-OK

girls day i miss you cover

After a brief absence, Girl’s Day sort of returns with “I Miss You (Want To See)”, a ballad which would be a strong filler track on a mini album but one that feels a little lackluster as a single for a music video.

The best and worst thing about ballads is how hard it is to mess them up. The elements of a ballad are about as by-the-numbers as a romantic comedy, so the floor and ceiling of ballad’s potential is fairly small. The quality often comes down to the song’s vocals, and even then production tricks often mask any flaws there as well. All of this is to say that “I Miss You (Want To See)” is fine. The piano-driven beat has a lightness to it which helps keep the song from being completely overwrought. The vocals by every member are nice and the double-tracking adds some layered richness to the lyrics. Yura gets to K-Pop rap for real and she is able to put a little twist on her usual delivery, opting for a little more husk than she usually does.  Sojin and Hyeri get some space to show off their chops but “I Miss You (Want To See)” is appropriately a Minah platform. Having Minah provide the climax to a song with a wail is the “running to the airport to express your feels” cliche of Girl’s Day songs but it’s impossible to fault Girl’s Day for going that route when it so neatly fits into what they’re doing here. Girl’s Day may have better ballads out there (“I Don’t Mind,” “White Day”) but even a standard Girl’s Day ballad is pretty good and “I Miss You (Want To See)” is a standard Girl’s Day ballad.

Welcomed sight.

Welcomed sight.

The music video is also unsurprising and non-fussy in its approach. It’s a sad ballad so get ready to see a lot of soft Lifetime lighting, black and white motifs (color is for chumps) and sad Girl’s Day (except when there’s snow. Snow is joyful). The resulting video is OK filler but when it’s combined with a mere solid ballad, it makes the whole project seem more like a friendly reminder that Girl’s Day exists rather than a triumphant return to the scene. At least Girl’s Day got down the incredibly hard art of “pretty-crying”? That takes skill.

The art of crying without crying.

The art of crying without crying.

“I Miss You (Want To See)” ends up sounding and looking like a project which Girl’s Day could have scrounged together in a couple of weeks, which makes sense considering that the single is the only new track on the group’s first smart card album. However, as far as low-risk jobs go, “I Miss You (Want To See)” is fine. Getting more Sojin and Minah is never a bad thing but hopefully “I Miss You (Want To See) won’t mean that the group will be gone from K-Pop for long.




  1. black soshi · · Reply

    Snow gif. Perfect smile. Perfect eyesmile(Tiffany who?). Sojin is just incredible. For me the prettiest idol. I wish she would use instagram a little more.

  2. This was a little fan service in a sense as I understand they aren’t going to be promoting it on the shows. I guess it was a bit of a thank you to fans before they probably take an extended break.

    As is the case for most ballads unless sung by a true soloist, a sub-unit, or the lead of a group as a soloist, you don’t see them promoted partly because they are often so sad and don’t really fit a show people are watching to get excited about their favorite group. When you see Hyorin sing a ballad a lot of the time all you end up feeling is, “Man, who wronged Hyorin for her to belt that out with that kind of feeling, Poor kid, Someone give her a hug and find me a tissue.”

    Ballads usually just expose most groups’ vocal weak links because you can’t cover their voice as easily by pumping up the volume of the music or adding enough bass to drown it out. They either have to stand there and sing it and have folks realize that person doesn’t sing that much better than the person that regularly sings at the karaoke bar, or they just have to stand there and have it be pretty obvious they didn’t sing a line. You can’t hide a middlin’ singer with a ballad as you don’t have the dance moves that might distract folks to realize that was lip synced or to keep rotating that member away so you hopefully don’t realize she never sang a note..

    It’s nice that they tossed Hyeri a bone here. Her voice is well suited to singing more on a ballad as she doesn’t have to put out the volume that that might cause her soft voice to crack or go running around the scales quickly which causes so many singers to have an ear-jarring fail. She has a nice voice, but it’s soft it seems. In some ways Hyeri reminds me a bit of Dasom over in Sistar who has a nice enough singing voice, but it’s soft and high which limits what she can sing other than as accompaniment of the lead singers in her group or a line or two here or there on her own that stay in her best range or are meant to be like a comparitive whisper to provide a kind of counterpoint to the power of the next singer

    I really am glad this group has finally had the success they have. They all seem like pretty good young women that you want to see succeed. Hopefully they get to take a bit of a break with some vacation to see home or to get out of town for a while and just relax. They have worked really hard the last year and a half or so and hopefully they are getting close to that point where their earnings start to flip from 60/40 to 50/50 and they can take more of their money home. I’d expect we won’t hear from them again until late Spring or next Summer though you never know as these girls and their company may be very eager to make up for lost time and earn whlie they can as you just never know how long you will stay hot.

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