Waifu Wednesday: Nada

nada wassup cover 1

Yoon Ye Jin (better known as Nada) is a South Korean idol rapper and dancer. She is best known for being the first idol that comes to mind when someone references K-Pop group Wassup.

Idols are, by and large, interchangeable parts for group concepts. The talent gap is small enough across the genre that one could throw every name in the industry into a hat, take out six and form a group which could probably put out a passable single within a couple of months. Nada though? Nada is Wassup. The girl knows exactly what Wassup is about and she so effortlessly and ruthlessly owned Wassup’s first single that one would be understandably mistaken into thinking that Nada’s name is Wassup. As great as Nari and Dain are (and they are great), it is Nada that sets the tone for the group. Long may she march and twerk to the beat of her own drum.


Nada is so magnetic, she wrecks compasses.

Nada life is good life.

Nada life is good life.

Nada is so sexy, her breath is used as heaven’s aphrodisiac.

Could cut steel with that gaze.

Could cut steel with that gaze.

Nada’s dancing should come with a warning for high blood pressure.



Nada brings more joy to the planet than a continent of puppies.

Dat... watermark.

Dat… watermark.

Nada is so cool, penguins get chills when she’s near.

Can't keep calm.

Can’t keep calm.

Nada packs more punch than a runaway train.

No comment.

No comment.





  1. She may have to change her stage name if she promotes in Latin American though. Having your name mean nothing in Spanish probably isn’t real marketable there. 🙂

    She certainly is very sexy. Is she from Korea? In one of her pictures she makes me think of many Asian women I have seen from Hawaii that maybe have a little Polynesian mix in them letting them get really dark like that, though Hyorin proves that some Koreans can get quite dark.

    1. Yeah, I think that the whole K-Pop “ideal” skin tone thing skews what’s considered normal.

  2. Interesting comments. Me & my one KPOP indulging freind have discussed the *apparent* S. Korean &/or KPOP fascination with the lighter skin tone & the more ‘western’ faces at some length.

    For example, Yoona of SNSD is beautiful no doubt, but I really don’t think she is any ‘better’ looking than many of the other girls in the idol groups. Certainly she is light-skinned & has more ‘western’ looking face than many (great example of Hyorin, who is one of my biases), but I have never understood the ‘black pearl’ nickname for Yuri of SNSD who is just barely noticeably darker to my eyes.

    Maybe as a western-caucasian man it is the ‘bit of the exotic’ w/ regard to their looks but I really appreciate the girl idols who have not gone to extremes to look more western & continously change their hair-color* to stand out. To me, HyunA (previous to the (apparent) last round of surgeries) exemplifies how HOT a girl can be to (seemingly) everyone, & stil retain her ethnic identity.

    *Tiffany of SNSD can change her hair to any color she wants though, it all looks fantastic on her to me.

    1. Well Fany’s eye smile will quickly distract anyone from a bad hair color/style. That Nichkhun sure seems like one lucky guy. How would you like to date that eye smile? Plus Tiffany is so bubbly and outgoing that she must make a guy just feel awesome. As a bonus occasionally he probably gets to hang out with Bora and Tiffany. Sigh! 🙂

      1. Love Tiffany, but I get the feeling that she is not someone you want to piss off. Bubbly on the outside, volcano inside.

      2. Yeah, I wouldn’t cross her either. Hopefully she isn’t as high maintenance as her looks might indicate. Just like Sunny is likely very nice to be around unless you piss her off or disappoint her, in which case you unleash typhoon of misery on yourself. Also behind all that aegyo, Sunny seems like someone with a very active bullshit detector.

      3. Tiffany’s smile is definitely a huge attraction, she could light up a room with that smile. Yes, I would kill for that to be directed my way, but, I’m twice her age. *sigh*

        Regarding her being a volcano.. dunno about that… but I have wondered if maybe she was more involved in ousting Sica (indirectly maybe, pulling strings), I really can’t see those two getting along for all these years, both being ‘Divas’ & all.

        Re: the hair… I like her brassy red the best. Might not work on others, but it works on her.

      4. I’ve been trying to avoid thinking about who the ringleader or ringleaders may have been because it would hurt my ability to enjoy what is left of the group. Realistically they all could have backstage personas that would turn our stomachs if we really saw everything. Even Seohyun who always seems so sweet could turn out to be a Machiavellian motherfucker (It’s always the quiet smart ones that you have to watch out for the most…lol). I suspect they are all pretty normal actually, but much like any situation where you live with the same person for 10 years and then work with them every day too and not just five days a week, but every day of the week nearly every day of the year, if there are any personality conflicts they will grow worse with time and much like a marriage unless one partner or, in the case of SNSD, 8 partners can accept the other’s flaws and learn to cope with them because of their good points being better, then eventually you are in divorce court. Then add in that they all have artistic personalities to some extent which are often very independent and stubborn, and its a surprise they lasted as long as they did.

        Maybe there is a bit of something to their “bond” in that if they didn’t have something they wouldn’t have lasted this long. Money alone likely wouldn’t have been enough. At least one would have said “fuck it” after some heated argument and the other eight would have said good riddance as happens in nearly group in the history of music. You can count pretty much on one hand how many rock groups exist where all of the original members or any set combination of members stayed together for 10 years. I suppose it is a miracle this hadn’t happened sooner.

        I figure the real truth of what happened will come out in a few decades as some members start to write memoirs or some journalist or author really delves into the group’s history for a band biography that is an honest account rather than just a fluff piece at SM’s behest at the 25th anniversary of debut or a hatchet job by a former member who has fallen on hard times financially and desperately needs the money that a controversial book will bring. There are maybe two people in that group that if they were to write a memoir I would likely trust its authenticity.

        One would be Hyoyeon as she strikes me as someone who might be brutally honest. Though maybe not about herself. Therefore you need a second source to get the whole picture probably.

        The other source I might trust is Seohyun as I bet she has kept an incredibly detailed and relatively impartial written record of nearly everything that band has done and she seems to have a mind that would remember things in great and accurate detail even if she didn’t write it down right then. She really seems like the kid sister who watches her older sister’s carefully taking in the good and the bad and then at night goes and writes it in her diary with some margin notes on her own feelings on the matter. Also it seems like she is universally respected in that group for her character, which would encourage me that she wouldn’t play favorites and that if she wrote something you likely wouldn’t have several members saying she had axes to grind. Her reactions at that fan meet the day after this went down gave me the impression that she likely was not a ringleader and really was very distraught over the entire affair. She’s an only child, who has been with all these girls since she was about 13. More than probably any other member these girls were likely family to her as she didn’t have siblings at home. She might keep some of the worst stuff out that might really hurt someone, but she isn’t likely to omit things because they are unpleasant.

        I can see what you mean regarding Tiffany and Jessica, but one thing that strikes me in so many of SM’s statements is comments about parents coming to SM with their concerns. Tiffany’s dad has virtually nothing to do with her. I think they have mended some fences over the years, but that still isn’t a close relationship and Tiffany herself has said she was as much to blame for that as he was. I can see why her dad would be completely non-supportive of her going into show business as historically in East Asia there was a very strong organized crime element to it, and there was a lot of seediness regarding what young women had to do to gain entry to the business or to stay in it, so it was not a profession for any respectable person’s daughter especially. I can’t imagine that he has any influence on her professional decisions when he was never involved in negotiating her first contract and likely not her most recent either (Taeyeon’s parents damn near adopted Tiffany and helped her with her first contract when she was debuting).

        I would try to find out who the stage parents have been among the group. Who was living off their daughter not because they could, but because they had to or because they made her support them. Were there parents that drove SM berserk with constant meddling and calls about why member X got that endorsement deal, more lines, better positioning to be on camera at music shows, etc. Find those parents and I bet you find your ringleaders that went to SM and started agitating other parents over the financial threat that Jessica posed to their daughters that their daughters were “too scared to tell them about” or “too immature to deal with on their own.” Now maybe the girls all did this on their own, but I have a nagging feeling that in a meeting room around that airport very early that morning or near the girl’s dorm the girls filed in with their parents and voted as their parents looked on and as they had told her to vote because they know what is best for her and they are her parents and this is East Asia and you don’t oppose your parents. Meanwhile the Girl’s group manager was likely sitting there thinking this can’t be happening or had been cut out of the decision and it was some other SM manager who had been dragged in to witness it who would not counsel against it. .If the girls had done all of this completely on their own, I think they would have been more media savvy than their parents might be.

        Also the way this seemed to blindside SM also makes me wonder if there wasn’t a cabal of parents that decided to bring this to a quick conclusion because their daughter had deals being held up or that had fallen through because of Jessica. SM was so slow on this that I wonder if top management had even heard about what was about to go down with Jessica until after her tweet went out. This also seems to jibe with me regarding Jessica sounding like the girls were fine with everything and then suddenly weren’t. That sounds like parents calling their daughters and saying “You gave Jessica permission to do what and didn’t consult me first…well clearly you aren’t mature enough to make such decisions for yourself so I suppose I will have to go to the label and fix this mess with the other parents before you end up broke from letting your friendship outweigh your work.” Then when the label and the girls continued to let the issue linger they took advantage of knowing Jessica was out of the country and forced a vote without giving her a chance to see how perilously close she was to being booted and maybe that finally waking her up to how bad the situation had become and if she couldn’t make it right because she was stuck in contracts that they would give her a few weeks or months to get her affairs in order so they could all make the best of a bad situation. My suspicion is the girls weren’t ringleaders, but some of the girls parents were and all or most of the girls got forced to choose family or friends and most 20 year olds are not yet mature enough to tell the parents to go fuck themselves when pushed into that kind of spot even in western culture let alone eastern culture.

        Of course I could be completely wrong too. I guess we will have to wait for that book to know for sure. I hope I am not in my 60’s with Alzheimer’s when it comes out in about 15 to 20 years as I am 46 now, and would like to read it while I still have my faculties rather than have someone read it too me and all I remember is nine pretty girls, but can’t remember why in the hell I gave a damn about them or they won’t let me have my MP3 player to listen to them because they are afraid i will use the headphone cord to hang myself before I lose all my faculties. After all they can’t have you go dying on them and stop the draining of your bank accounts or stop that flow of Medicare money from Uncle Sugar. 🙂


    ::COGIC caught the holy ghost CHURCH STOMP::


    You do not understand how happy this post makes me!!!!!!!

    I also respect her hustle, she goes to a lot of underground shows, tried out for ‘Show Me The Money’ and is building on her skill set. I also love that she gives not a damn and clearly loves what she does.

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