Nicole Jung Is Officially Making a Comeback, All Hope for the World Is Not Lost


In much needed good news following SNSD’s darkest timeline coming true, Nicole Jung is bringing her talents back to K-Pop.

While there had been reports that stated that Nicole Jung was in talks to sign with B2M Entertainment, nothing was official – until now.

B2M Entertainment released a statement confirming that Nicole is now officially signed under the label and, even better, that her comeback is already somewhat in the works:

“Preparations for Nicole’s solo album, which she has been quietly preparing for on her own, is set to officially kick off under the complete support of her new agency.”

“Nicole has put her trust in CEO Gil Jong Hwa in terms of her contract conditions and negotiations, and we needed to prepare a deal that suits Nicole, who is receiving high popularity in South Korea, Japan, and all of Asia. We recently finished our preparations to support Nicole, and naturally signed a contract.”

This seems like a good career path for Nicole. The girl can rap well for K-Pop (seeing as that was often her duty in Kara) and she’s gotten measurably better at singing over her career as well. She was also the best dancer in KARA, and having the spotlight to herself should allow Nicole to showcase those skills even more. Seriously, Nicole Jung choreography is manna from heaven.

The queen of Kara’s “Mr.” dance is back y’all. Long may her reign of excitable energy and mesmerizing butt-shakes last.

Post could have just been this gif and a caption saying "Hallelujah"

Post could have just been this gif and a caption saying “Hallelujah”



  1. Although I have my personal doubts of a solo artist succeeding without her former group *ahem Jessica*, I do wish Nicole well just because of how hard she’s been working to develop her craft. B2M CEO Gil Jong Hwa used to manage Kara when he was under DSP, so she’s in good hands. Not to mention that B2M also managed arguably one the most successful artist that went solo, Lee Hyori.

    1. I think Nicole’s skill set is good for a solo effort. Like you said, Lee Hyori should be a resource and Nicole is multifaceted like Hyori (and a better singer in my opinion).

  2. I think one of the biggest reasons new solo artists, whether a soloist to start or a current or former member of a group, don’t succeed quite often is the poor choice of material for them. Companies and the artists themselves are sometimes blind to how mediocre a piece of music is, are unwilling to pay for a top composer to really focus on their artist to create songs that really fit his or her skills, make a minimal effort on the music video, or are just blind to their artist’s talents and how to enhance their best strengths while downplaying their biggest weaknesses.

    Nicole obviously has several similarities with her label mate Hyori in that she is going solo after being best known for being in a very successful girl group for a number of years. Hyori seems to have hit on the formula that with the right material and some chutzpah you can take what are in many cases just average to above average talents and make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. Hyori is not a great singer, rapper, or dancer. One probably could say she is just pretty average at most of those things, but she carries herself like a star, uses songs that don’t expose her limits, and works hard. I think Nicole is a more talented dancer and rapper than Hyori, and may be a bit more vocally talented.

    It’s interesting to note that Hyuna is another solo artist from a girl group who isn’t a great singer, but a good rapper and very good dancer, who has managed to generally find songs that could feature her dancing or rapping, and not require singing she can’t carry with her voice. If B2M finds the right material to release for Nicole, even if it means her debut under them is just a single to start with as they work on putting together an EP or LP, she has a pretty good shot. Unless she is really close to having a strong EP ready for release in the next 2-3 months, I would focus on getting a strong single out to debut her as a solo artist and build anticipation for her album.

    She will have some fan base automatically from some Kara fans who don’t wish her ill as they understand that she and DSP were a husband and wife that could no longer live under the same roof and a lot of that was more DSP’s fault than Nicole’s. Likewise, she will have some fans too that are her personal fans. It’s not like she is a soloist such as Ailee or G.Na who starts out with no fan base of their own and has to build everything from scratch. That should help boost her debut.

    Another thing that might help Nicole is that she was pretty good at doing variety, so hopefully B2M and Hyori (With her connections in the industry) can help find her a recurring guest spot on a well rated variety show, or get her cast into a permanent spot on a new or existing show. Getting on a show prior to or just after a successful debut could help her a lot by increasing her visibility. A show that would likely be right up Nicole’s alley if it is still airing in Korea would be to get her on “Dancing With the Stars.” Also she might do very well like Hyoyeon and Fei did in prior seasons which lifted their visibility a lot in Korea.

    I do hope that she has been spending plenty of time with a voice coach to improve her range if they can, and if not extend her range make sure that she is more reliable and stronger within it. At 22 her range is probably defined now and isn’t likely to grow, but most singers have weak spots in their defined range that they can improve upon with coaching. It isn’t a bad thing that there are a couple voice coaches down the hall at B2M in SPICA.

    1. Agreed. I think she’ll have plenty of resources on hand to make the most of her solo opportunity.

  3. I really hope she does well! Her and Kara have both been working hard this year!!!

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