SNSD’s Sooyoung Issues What Will Assuredly Be The Boilerplate SNSD Apology For The Whole Jessica Jung Thing


SNSD has been understandably quiet since it came to light that the group decided/felt-forced-to kick Jessica Jung out of the group.

SM Entertainment has said their piece. Jessica has had hers. And while the group has shed tears on stage and have people dissect it like amateur Freudians, Sooyoung kinda, sorta, not-really addressed the situation and apologized to fans on Midnight TV Entertainment after being lobbed a softball by her co-host (because that’s what you do when your in K-Pop – issue infinite numbers of apologies to fans):

After a summary of the incident was given, Sooyoung’s cohost Yoon Do Hyun mentioned that this would be a good opportunity for Sooyoung to speak up about what happened.

Sooyoung said, “I am so sorry and grieved that such an incident happened so suddenly. We will work hard for those who love and support us. Please continue to watch over us. I am sorry.”

Yeah, it’s unsurprising that Sooyoung didn’t shed much light on what actually happened but the one thing that does stand out about the statement is that Sooyoung states that the incident “happened so suddenly.” That falls in line with the tenor of both Jessica’s statement (“However, in early September, after only a month since the launching, the members suddenly changed their position“) and SM’s (“Thus, the agency had no choice but to pull up Girls’ Generation’s activities as 8 members earlier than planned”). In all, though we may never know exactly what went down with SNSD, it sure seems like Jessica Jung’s removal wasn’t well-thought out by any party involved.



  1. I agree the whole thing seemed poorly thought out from all sides

    Jessica: Leaving your group while your brand is still too new to sell with just Jessica Jung and not Jessica Jung of SNSD. (However, from what she’s released, this did catch her off guard. Did she really think that she would be able to juggle a company+SNSD promos though?)

    SME: Kicking out a member despite her re-signing a contract, knowing that Jessica is a popular member and possibly ruining OT9. (Why couldn’t they just phase her out and milk the Sones with graduation/goodbye performances)

    Taeyeon?: If she really was the instigator, relying on SME to get the word out first instead of Jessica posting on Weibo. (I don’t care how successful TTS is, she should have realized how OT9 was a big part of SNSD’s image)

    I wonder if everyone underestimated the image of “SNSD unbreakable bond” and the impact that would result from the illusion shattering.

  2. Apparently someone else is leaving EXO?

    Seems like SM is just screwing things up. I doubt Jessica missed any practices – IIRC all SM could come up with was “determination”, their go to excuse?

  3. Maybe in 15 or 20 years after most of the members are long retired from show biz some of the girls will write a memoir or some music reporter will write a band history on the 25th anniversary of their debut or disbandment based on interviews with all the former members and we will get a very honest view of the inside story on the group. However to probably get a really honest history we might need many of the members to become estranged from each other after the band does call it quits or some members to fall on hard times financially that makes it important to tell the unpleasant things too in order to increase sales. We may never hear the full truth especially if this was really ugly, personal, or was really driven by several sets of stage parents.

    I really wonder how much of this was driven by parents who may have only seen the impact on their daughter’s income over the last several months of deals that might have been passed on to avoid creating conflicts with Jessica’s company, and put little thought into what a PR disaster this move would be. I somehow think the members would have been more aware of how such a decision would go over and the heat they would take from fans over it. Of course, even in American society it is hard for an adult child to deal with an us or them ultimatum. It must be nearly impossible to avoid that pressure in a Confucian society like Korea where deference to parents is even more ingrained.

    I suspect that the members likely would have never taken this extreme step of their own volition unless Jessica completely blew them off by being MIA from some group functions and not even bothering to call ahead to say she had something come up. Personally I think some stage parents really were the main push behind this and eventually at least five of them finally had their daughters cave-in to their parent’s demands to push out Jessica so her business wouldn’t interfere with endorsement revenue. Of course maybe there really were some personal animosities or professional rivalries that involved some group members and Jessica and Jessica had finally given them enough ammunition that they could really agitate to kick her out.

    Having been in a fraternity in college I know how hard it was to boot a member from a group, that valued brotherhood, over something business related like a guy being late on his rent or not attending some required events. It was always very hard to do such things and often took a year or more as you gave someone lots of chances to make things right. You had to provide lots of chances in order to get enough people to not be able to argue that you support a friend or brother as much as you can before you push someone out. It is the argument of whether it helps them more to be ostracized as a wake up call (Especially if money was involved) or whether all the talk about brotherhood is just bullshit and it all comes down to a rent check. After seven to ten years of being together even if it had mostly been a business relationship it would be nearly impossible to not have built deep friendships with at least some other members which would make business decisions very difficult regarding another member within the membership. It would have likely taken quite a while to evict a member even over some pretty egregious violations of trust.

  4. I just found out what OT9 stands (obviously not a SONE here). Let me just say that I was never under any illusion all the 9 girls get along fabulously. What’s amazing is how the group has had such a long run as they do (heck, 50% of marriages in US between 2 individuals end in divorce, with the average length of marriage is less than 8yrs).
    What’s amusing for me as well was to read how (allegedly) the other girl’s _parents_ didn’t want Jessica to use SNSD’s name for her fashion line. One would think that as all full-fledged adults, the SNSD members could think for themselves but sure, it’s always easier to blame your parents.
    Life goes on.

  5. It would be better for the girls to come clean and tell the whole truth. Even if SM doesn’t. The lack of information, or the intentional missing or telling of half-truths, just tells me that all parties involved are not trustworthy and not worthy of my respect or money. If this was personal animosity, buiness decisions, Tyler Kwon, SM or parents, give us the truth and lets get down the road. I guess I’m old enough (having been on this Earth for 50 years) to respect the truth, rather than having air blown up my posterior.

    1. Wow, a K-pop fan older than me. Now I don’t feel so old. I’m 46. 🙂

      1. I just turned 52 at the end of September. Nice to know I’m not alone.

  6. black soshi · · Reply

    Just Waifu Wednesday Sooyoung for crying out loud! Its perfectly understandable to believe that a group of nine girls would not get along all of the time. But the time they have spent together and the things they have accomplished together should not be forgotten so easily. This is no ordinary girl group. They fucking sell-out stadiums. Who else can claim such achievements? It remains to be seen what the true impact of this move will be, I think we will only know after their next promotion cycle. Also I am sure that among Sones the topic of ‘who will cover Jessica’s lines in this song?’ will be a very hot topic that will surely affect how this turns out for them. I will still support them only because I really do love the music that only seems to be put out by SNSD.
    As for the blame? I believe that if Jessica had not wanted out of the group (the rumours are that she intended to leave) then the others would not have been able to oust her from the group in the way that they did. Morally, ethically, professionally, but most importantly as friends with at one time the same dream. The fact that Jessica is my ultimate bias just makes it more heartbreaking.
    There is no such thing as OT8.

  7. Was right – Luhan of EXO is leaving. Guessing Sulli + Victoria + Krystal will be gone soon enough too.

    1. Clearly SM needs to have their management seriously evaluated by the board of directors if they are independent of the chief executives as obviously there are managers throughout the organization that are truly disconnected with their groups and the direct managers of the groups haven’t a clue as to what is going on within their groups and are either unwilling to report problems up the ladder that need to be addressed or those further up the management chain don’t want to be bothered by subordinates. Clearly there is very poor communication between artists and management or SM is so slow to act on things that the artists run out of patience.

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