Jessica Jung Rebrands ‘BLANC’ Fashion Line As ‘BLANC & ECLARE’ For Reasons

jessica jung blanc eclare

In a move which can only be explained as the brand version of getting a new hair cut following a break up, Jessica Jung is rebranding her fashion line ‘BLANC’ (before it’s even a Thing) to ‘BLANC & ECLARE’.

In a press release announcing the change, ‘BLANC’ stated that they’re adding ‘ELCARE’ because it stands for “clarity” and “brightness”, qualities which evidently describe Jessica but end up sounding like pretty meaningless descriptors when one thinks about it. Was the name ‘BLANC’ too opaque and dark or something? From the release:

 “Derived from the Latin root Clara, ECLARE expresses clarity and brightness, virtues highly held by Founder and Head Designer, Jessica Jung. Her expanding vision and growth trajectory lead BLANC Group to renew and reinforce our commitment to presenting fresh, modern classic designs to the fashion industry.”

Jessica took it a step further in her own statement, which she apparently cribbed from every single boilerplate Silicon Valley B2B press release ever released:

Although the unveiling of ECLARE was sooner than expected, I am proud to be taking BLANC & ECLARE to the next level.  I am humbled by the overwhelming support this brand has received and I assure you that we will be diligent as we continually look to evolve and innovate.”

Honestly? ‘BLANC & ECLARE’ is a mouthful. It sounds like a French sitcom.

Girl looks good rocking her $250 shades though.



  1. wait…they cost 250? damn,lol

    1. Yeah, she wasn’t messing around with a line that would be sold at the Korean, Japanese, and Chinese equivalent of Target or Wal-Mart. She went right for a line that would be targeted more at the equivalent of Macy’s, Nordstrom, or Neimann-Marcus. She also had quantities that were guaranteed to sell-out which can make someone more likely to pay a decent, but not outrageous price for an item as they will be some of the relatively few to have them giving it some exclusivity, but not at full blown designer prices. One nice thing for Jessica is that if she was smart, her living expenses are covered by her personal investments she has likely made over the years preparing for a day when SNSD might not be around anymore, so whatever profits the company makes early on can be re-invested in the company to grow it.

      1. Yeah, the cost isn’t out of line with other designer sunglasses. It’s more than Ray Bans but on par with some of the cheaper Gucci models out there (if memory serves).

      2. I did a little looking at that pricing is about on part with Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel as well at the lower end of their lines. She’s not pricing them so high that only the richest women and girls can justify buying a pair, but pricing them high enough to be a status symbol.

  2. From what I gathered from the release Blanc is to be more of classic women’s fashion line and Eclare sounded a little girlier here is another quote from the press release. It may have been that ECLARE wasn’t to be launched until after SNSD, but with her being out she might as well move on and focus almost entirely on the business now other than perhaps trying to work out something with SM to keep her in Asia fashion mags as a model to keep her name out there. Even if she isn’t in SNSD she’s still a pretty woman and a very good model as is her sister and a lot of photogs will still want to work with her as long as nothing more toxic comes out than she wanted to get married, wanted to start her own business, and only wanted to do SNSD for another year. Hopefully she isn’t putting the cart before the horse though and expanding too fast. Supposedly she sold out her initial offering, but it might have been good for her to make sure her second moved well before expanding. Then again, she likely is either going to do well regardless of her involvement in SNSD or fail regardless due to her not being in SNSD and a lack of a solid business plan. I hope she does well not as revenge, but just as a survival story. If her business does okay there is likely a better chance that one day she and the members aren’t completely toxic to each other. If her business failed I would suspect she would place a lot of blame for it on SNSD kicking the stool out from under her at a critical juncture. Who knows SNSD might have done her a favor in the long run by booting her so she could really focus on this and not have to try to serve two demanding mistresses for a year at the same time.

    Here was some more of that release that gave me the above impression.

    ‘Blanc’ is a brand of modern-classic items, clean-cut silhouettes, and interesting details inspired by Jessica’s own style. According to the press release, “Derived from the Latin root Clara, ECLARE expresses clarity and brightness, virtues highly held by Founder and Head Designer, Jessica Jung. Her expanding vision and growth trajectory lead BLANC Group to renew and reinforce our commitment to presenting fresh, modern classic designs to the fashion industry.”

  3. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    I think it could work if blanc and eclare were different lines under one company. Like blanc line was all sleek and modern and eclare was bright and colorful.

    1. Yeah, I could see that.

  4. I’m pretty sure that press release was just a fancy bullshit version of:

    “Fuck.. it just came to our attention that there are other companies with similar names (one of them with a similar logo, similar-looking glasses, made in Italy, at half the price) in the same business.

    But since we already launched this thing under the name ‘Blanc’, we don’t want to completely scrap it, so we’ll just add ‘Eclare’ to the end of it.”

    1. You totally nailed it !!

    2. Yeah, pretty sure it’s this.

  5. Hope to see Jess triumph over SME. I long for the day SME’s offices are bought out by Blacn & Eclare…

    1. Well I doubt she becomes the Asian Coco Chanel and makes enough to buy SM with her own personal money, but I do hope that her brand succeeds and that she makes a good living with it. Fashion companies can generate healthy profits, but they generally don’t create the instant billionaires that tech start-ups tend to do making their owners billionaires by 30 when they go public.

      One thing that makes a lot more sense about Jessica using Weibo for social media now is that China is a much bigger market for designer fashions that Korea or Japan anymore, so building a following there was likely more important to her than it might have been otherwise, if she had been planning to start a fashion business for several years. I think I saw that earlier this year she passed 5 million Weibo followers, so that is a lot of word of mouth advertising for virtually no cost when she posts something on there and people repost it or share it.

    2. Sorry, but that’s wishful thinking. Not only is SME an industrial juggernaut (2012: US64M Net Income on US212B Revenue), but I have serious doubts about the future viability of Blanc & Eclare’s now that Jessica has been unceremoniously dumped by SNSD.
      K-Pop makes most of its money from advertising and concerts. Launching or endorsing a fashion label only works as long as the artist and advertisers can leverage on the brand equity of the idol or group. I’m sorry but unless Jessica can remake herself (ironically she’d need a competent management team like SME for that), she will fade in relevance very quickly, together with her endorsements and fashion line. Ouch.

      1. Oh, I was kidding about Blanc Eclare overtaking SM. That said, I also think SM is going to fall over time if it doesn’t manage to get it’s act together.

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