Hip-Hop Will Be Reborn On November 7th As Clara Lee Drops Her Digital Single

clara lee digital single

Lost in the Jessica Jung-SM Entertainment-SNSD clusterfuck was news that will likely forever change the genre of hip-hop forever. Clara Lee is set to (really) release a digital single.

The above image is the teaser for it. One can immediately grasp the grittiness that Clara so easily portrays while she sits on a hotel bedroom floor, eating food in her underwear. The realness is off the charts.

As for how we know it’s likely to be a hip-hop beat? Clara herself hinted as much and, let’s be real, the “rapping” in K-Pop can be imitated much more readily than singing.

Last name ever, first name greatest.

Last name ever, first name greatest.

I can’t wait for this. No matter what, it’s going to be the best/worst thing ever. November 7th, y’all. There’s going to be a new paradigm.



  1. I have very little interest in the actual single, but my interest level is off the charts for all and any teaser photos, jacket covers, you name it.

    1. I already love everything about it. My review will be biased as hell and I couldn’t care less.

  2. Well, if she needs someone to be her singing voice on the record, I hear Jessica is unemployed. What, too soon?

    I hope Clara can sing because pretty soon here she is going to run out of idol talent things to attempt. Big boobs and a pretty face can only get you so far in life or entertainment. Though a lot of the time they get you a lot father than you think they would.

    1. It has gotten her super far considering her age. Also, she can’t sing at all, she released a club track a while ago…. yeah…
      I’m here for the rapping though… I’m guessing she’ll go the HyunA route and just use her god given talent of looks and stage presence, without any actual rapping skill.

      1. If it’s half as good as a Hyuna track, I’ll love it unconditionally.

  3. black soshi · · Reply

    Please be good. I need a morale boost so badly.

  4. […] surprising than the fact that Clara Lee is supposedly going to drop the hottest hip-hop single of the year in a month is the fact that Clara can put together a hell of a fashion […]

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