SM Entertainment Confirms That Jessica Jung Is No Longer A Part Of SNSD (But Somehow Still A Part Of SM)

Jessica G Star Raw

Sooooo, how is this not really, really awkward.

SM Entertainment has released a statement which, of course, makes it look like this is a much more mutual decision than what Jessica Junf implied on her Weibo.  Bottom line: Jessica is out of SNSD and the Power of Nine is now the The Slightly Less Power of Eight or something.

“Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

We are offering our position on the words posted on Jessica’s Weibo today.

This coming spring, due to her personal situation, she notified us she will halt her team promotions with the release of one [more] album.

Despite Jessica’s sudden notice, the agency and the Girls’ Generation members tried our best and tried to figure out a way that Girls’ Generation’s activities can continue in the best possible direction.

However, in the midst of insufficient negotiations regarding conflicts of differences in priorities and interest, Jessica started her fashion business. Due to this, despite ongoing talks, it has come to a point where the team could not be maintained.

Thus, the agency had no choice but to pull up Girls’ Generation’s activities as 8 members earlier than planned, and in the midst of while working out when to announce this, Jessica had posted her words early this morning.

From here on, our agency will continue to support and manage the 8-member Girls’ Generation and Jessica’s individual activities.”

Apparently starting a fashion line is grounds for dismissal from a group because it’s a distraction or something. The much more confusing aspect of this is the fact that SM Entertainment is also stating that they’ll continue to manage Jessica’s individual activities. Each member of SNSD recently re-signed with the label but this doesn’t seem like it will work out in the “long run” (by which I mean immediately).

Despite Jessica stating that she’s “devastated” and considers herself “being forced out” of SNSD for “no justifiable reason”, she’s going to stay with the entertainment label which decided to kick her out of the group in the first place?

Yeah, I’m a little dubious that this will go smoothly.

Sigh, this really is the darkest timeline.




  1. Not to overreach, but I’m feeling some interesting parallels between SM’s handling of Jessica’s autonomy and the Chinese media’s handling of the Hong Kong protests.

    1. Boy there is a situation that is going to end badly in Hong Kong. Much like SM with its idols contracts, the PRC holds all the cards, and when it decides to squash the protests it will be relatively easy. They don’t have to roll tanks this time like they did in 1989. All they have to do is apply the economic screws or hint about it to the business kingpins that really run Hong Kong and are already lobbying for people to shut up about freedom and go back to work, or if that doesn’t work, it is very easy to turn off the 75% of Hong Kong’s water that comes from the mainland and I think 90% of its food. The PRC can’t afford to let Hong Kong win or it will spread, and no one is going to come to Hong Kong’s rescue if the PRC puts the screws to them as the PRC is too economically important to world markets now to see much if any sanctions. Russia is puny in comparison and even with invading a foreign nation there is little that can be done to stop the Russians short of risking all-out war. The same is true in China. Britain and the US aren’t going to rally to Hong Kong and declare China in breach of the agreements with Britain when Hong Kong was returned to China. Hong Kong would have to declare true independence and the PRC will never allow that. If Taiwan tried to help Hong Kong a seceding Hong Kong, that would likely give the PRC the excuse to deal with Taiwan militarily and likely would give the US the excuse to not intervene on Taiwan’s behalf.

  2. This is the worst kpop scandal since Ailees nudie-pics not being plus-sized. RIP soshie? RIP jungsis? WTF?

    1. It’s certainly surprising but more so for how it happened. Generally, a statement will be released where its framed as a mutual decision and the idol is going to “retire” and pursue other interests or whatever. With this one, there was really no message control until it was too late. Hell, SM is still saying that they’ll “work with” Jessica which I’m pretty sure means that they’ll just take a cut of whatever she decides to do now. I’m not sure how SM can promote her with all this baggage.

      1. I’ve written a lot on this, deleted proposed posts that became too long, re-edited my thoughts, etc. In the end maybe this sums it up best in a short paragraph.

        I kind of feel a bit like when you are a little kid and you have a personal hero that you really admire and look up to who has brought you a lot of happiness and then one morning in your teens you wake up one morning to find that person was a child molester or killed their wife and you feel a combination of stupid and gullible for believing in them in the first place and especially betrayal that a person who had so much because of their fans just spit in your face and laughed while counting the money in their money clip in front of you. I kind of feel like that with SNSD now. I feel like I was stupid for ever believing that that group was somehow unique or different and the members really were that tight overall. I feel gullible for letting myself feel like I was seeing people that were genuine, and then I feel betrayed that they all got so greedy at the end that they couldn’t at least respect their fans some and end this gracefully and quietly and at least allowed us to feel good about it until maybe a tell all memoir or two came out 20 or 30 years later.

        There are times I really kick myself for believing in the innate goodness of people as so often I am left disappointed.

  3. I was SHOCKED to hear this. This is not like Kahi with After School, it is more like Bekah (who ironically went to fashion school). Hmmm… I wonder if this has any connection. But yeah… SNSD are DONE since the first chain broke. No more success without her; with out any of them. Even pretty face Yuna. Or was it Yuri.

    1. You… you just had to go and mention Bekah! ::weeps in corner::

  4. You know it’s funny, but part of the reason I liked SNSD so much is how tight that group seemed and how much they seemed like sisters.

    The irony is that often sisters and brothers are torn apart over money. I know in my own family tree of several instances where after a parent passed away that brothers and sisters could never be in the same room anymore as adults as the division of the parents property opened up conflicts that were as or more bitter than if you had physically assaulted someone. Suddenly which sister got some comparative bauble becomes of dire importance and some trinket can come between siblings in a way that no person ever could.

    I look at SNSD now and that is kind of what has happened here. Jessica was bold enough to finally try to make money for herself leveraging having been in this group for the last seven years and when it started to look like she might succeed SM and her sisters wanted their cut as they helped build the family name that she is taking advantage of even if none of them would have had the gumption to try something like it.

    Eventually this group was bound to start losing members. I had figured it would be marriages and families that would eventually cause a member to retire (Like what happened to the Wonder Girls), a member getting really interested in acting and wanting to commit full time to it, a member getting burned out from the grind of idol life and just retiring, or someone would leave to start a small side business like Hyoyeon opening her own dance studio. I never would have guess that what would start the breakup of this group would be a member coming up with an idea that could potentially make a lot of money, but could also ultimately fail and that SM and her “sisters” would get so fixated on the potential of what such a business might make one day that they would let it tear the group up.

    How fucking sad that they all let this happen.

    There is likely lots of blame to go around. Jessica may have held out not wanting to give anyone else even a taste. SM may have demanded too much. Other members may have wanted to wet their beaks in her endeavor. Sadly, I bet parental meddling didn’t help matters here. While these girls are mostly out of college now and in their mid-20’s, many still live at home, and culturally are really still pretty subservient to their parents. Also in most cases their parents are likely their business managers and agents Some parents may have had valid concerns about such a side business that leveraged the brand the girls and SM had built together and that they should see something as it isn’t just Jessica that is SNSD and built it. Some parents may have just seen a way to get their daughter an extra payday and their daughter agreed or acquiesced. Some parents might have been bitter their daughter or they didn’t think of this first and therefore would have the lion’s share.

    It sounds like Jessica forgot that SM is the same company that still fucks with JYJ whenever they can and that there was no way they would ever let her make a dime off them in even the most indirect manner without them having the controlling or a major interest especially if there was potential for big money being made. She forgot that SM holds all the cards in such a case and that if she was holding out they would put the screws to her. I expect they will do that to her sister soon as well if Jessica doesn’t give them what they want. Jessica is now going to be in the SM gulag for the next three years with Sulli in all likelihood, but Sulli will get out on work release occassionally to act. Jessica likely won’t get out at all especially if she doesn’t give SM what it wants. They will make sure her name disappears in Korea and that she can’t do anything with her business that even looks like it might be feeding off her SNSD and SM association. Basically she would have to stay at complete arms length from her fashion company and not be involved in any personal appearances to market for it without SM’s permission and SM would sue even long after her contract is over if they think they can show that she dropped something in passing at a press conference about when she was in SNSD and they might even go so far as to say she can’t use the name Jessica to market as it could confuse the consumer as to whether that was Jessica the human being or Jessica the SM construct from SNSD.

    I feel bad for Jessica as she likely is a victim of some bad business and legal advice either from her parents, boyfriend, or professional counsel. I also feel bad for group members that maybe didn’t want anything involving Jessica’s business and now have to deal with this. It will be a miserable experience for fans too. It will suck a lot the next time SNSD performs and you realize that Seohyun is singing Jessica’s part and Jessica will never be singing that part again in all likelihood. Some fans are going to blame SM for all of this, some will blame Jessica, but some will blame the other members and it likely isn’t all of them though SM and Jessica are kind of making it sounds like this was a unanimous decision made by the other eight in the group to boot her she wouldn’t be pulling her own weight.

    I saw a photo in a post on Allkpop tonight from a fan of SNSD that really bugged me. It was a picture of all nine members at their dorm a few years ago looking happy while eating together. I really hope this doesn’t end up where we never see those nine in the same room ever again with smiles on their faces. I hope they haven’t done like I have seen happen so often with families and let what in the grand scheme were likely petty amounts of money come between them when they all were doing well enough financially. I can understand a big dispute with SM between it and Jessica over this, but it would be truly sad to think that in the years to come some of these members who seemed so close won’t talk to one another anymore. No amount of money is worth that and I hope they realize it before it is too late. So often estranged siblings don’t acknowledge that until one of them dies and they never got to bury the hatchet in all the intervening years.

    1. Dude, Tyler Kwon. Enough said.

    2. “…how tight that group seemed and how much they seemed like sisters…”

      The group always seemed a bit cliquey to me (as I would expect any group of 9 girls to be). Honesly, I’m surprised that they managed to stay together as a whole group this long.

      1. True SM got lucky in all likelihood that egos and parents were kept in check this long. One forgets about the role of “stage parents” in these groups and how even if the kids might work something out because they don’t hold a real grudge against the other member, the parents often always want more or feel that their daughter is being taken advantage of or manipulated by so and so’s daughter and it is really the parents that can’t stand for anyone other parent to win. It’s just really sad. I would have really liked to see this group go out at the end of this contract with a retirement announcement for a 10th anniversary tour at which point the SNSD name would be retired as either it was all of them or none of them. That would have been a nice endgame. Instead we get an ugly business one, but that is the way most groups end, arguing and bitter leaving fans in the lurch over what often seem like petty differences to outsiders.

      2. Yeah, the longevity and stability of the roster was the most impressive thing about SNSD (well that and how long they’ve dominated the scene). It’s just really shocking to see “the Nine” end in this fashion.

  5. A year ago when SM made a SNSD sub-unit focused on vocals and Jessica was left out, I saw the handwriting on the wall. With all the success TTS is having, SM has concluded Jessica is expendable.

    SM is fine with other members’ outside activities because they get a cut of the earnings as agents. But starting a business without partnering with SM, that’s too much of a distraction, I guess.

    1. If SM doesn’t get a cut of BLANC, then this makes sense. Can’t set a precedent that it’s OK to independently earn money while being a part of the label.

  6. black soshi · · Reply

    Since last night I have been following this story. I am utterly heartbroken. I have a bad feeling that this may be the end of SNSD. This is definitely not the beautiful ending that Jessica wanted for SNSD. I’m floored. I’d hate to think that its her own fault, but all the news seems to point that way. WTF!!!!

    1. It’s hard to say who’s at fault here. I think SM should have realized that the girls were going to branch out and outgrow SNSD at some point. They could have tried to message control this a lot better though. Did they think Jessica was going to patiently wait for them to craft a message which makes the label and group look as faultless as possible?

  7. After all of the events of the past year I can’t seem to get myself worked up about this. I’ve said before here that although SNSD took my Kpop cherry and I’ve seen them live, Jessica was probably my least favorite member. So I’m not that broken up about her leaving. And after what happened to Ladies Code this seem trivial. I still love this shit, but there has just been too much sadness this year. What eve happens with SNSD, it’s just never going to be the same as it was before this year.

  8. Crazy, crazy, crazy. This year seriously.

    1. It’s amazing in a surreal way.

  9. Poor Yellow Slug….Nicole, Sera, and now Jessica. Your waifus have been dropping like flies.

    1. For real. I’m bracing myself for the moment where it comes out that Fei runs a drug ring and Hyosung secretly owns Hitler paraphernalia now.

      Worst K-Pop year, evah.

      1. Well a little over a year ago netizens tried to hang the Ilbe yoke on Hyosung over something she said on a show that sounded a bit like something that is often posted on Ilbe’s site and their CEO is apparently a pretty unabashed Ilbe supporter. I think it was just an unfortunate coincidence though that she chose her words badly and made it sound like she was insulting the democracy movement in South Korea in favor of the military dictatorship days. One of the sad things with K-pop fandom is the careers are generally pretty short for idols. I have only really been following it for just over two years, and I am already seeing the attrition rate among groups that seemed so solid when I first became a fan. Most of these idols disappear into anonymity within a few years unless they are supremely talented or incredibly lucky.

    2. My god, looking at those three listed, that’s like, three of my five favorite waifus in K-Pop.

      1. Be honest: If Fei leaves Miss A, would you still want to follow Kpop?

      2. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I would. My interest in miss A would go way down though.

  10. Damn… it is the darkest timeline. The Kpop Gods are not playing around this year… and as stated over on AJ, we still have 3 months left! (btw I love Community!)

  11. “Despite Jessica stating that she’s “devastated” and considers herself “being forced out” of SNSD for “no justifiable reason”, she’s going to stay with the entertainment label which decided to kick her out of the group in the first place?”

    She’s under contract. Maybe she’ll want out after this but only way SM lets her walk is if they get large sum of money.

    1. I’m not even sure how this would work. The environment would be toxic I imagine.

      1. Yeah, can you imagine SNSD members and Jessica bumping into each other in the hall at SM’s HQ after this or at TV studio (Though SM likely won’t let her near a TV studio at least while they still have her under contract). It would be funny if by dumb luck they ended up on the same Korean Airlines flight sometime soon and some ticket agent ended up having them sitting right across the aisle from each other. They might have to deploy an air marshal for the flight.

        This situation makes you wonder even more what really was really going on behind the scenes when f(X)’s promotions were shut down seemingly out of nowhere. Were their members about to unilaterally boot Sulli and SM couldn’t allow that to happen right then, so they told everyone to take an early vacation to cool off and it would get discussed later.

  12. black soshi · · Reply

    This seems to be the most logical thing I have read. It sucks that it ends like this. My BIAS! What have you done!?

    1. Thanks, this made the most sense. FWIW, Jessica has released her own statement in response to SM’s statement.

      I don’t buy it. Except for her boyfriend/business partner, I don’t really hear anyone else speaking up for her. The silence of the other 8 members speaks volumes. I think she will be remembered as the member that broke up and possibly brought down SNSD. Here’s hoping she sells a sh*t load of sunglasses.

      1. I believe her, but that’s because it really seems like she’s been blindsided by this. If she really wanted to go solo, she’d play nice and reap all that good will from SONEs anyways.

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