It Sure Looks Like Jessica Jung Stated That She’s Been Kicked Out Of Girls’ Generation


In what could be absolutely devastating news for Ice Princess worshipers everywhere, Jessica Jung may have gotten the boot from SNSD.

Hopefully, this be a horrible hack or something as this message was posted on Jessica’s Weibo account:

jessica jung weibo message

Initial impressions are this could likely be a hack (or maybe I’ve just read way too much about celebrity hacks recently). SNSD has had the same roster since its inception and the members have never aired out drama on their social media accounts like this – Taeyeon’s super secret code messages or whatever to Baekhyun don’t count. One would think that, if true, SM Entertainment would have a hundred message controlling statements and unnamed sources ready to go for such a monumental decision. So, this is maybe, kinda, probably nothing. I think. But who knows.

After all, she wasn’t at the airport with the rest of the members for some fan sign event. 

Since Girls’ Generation has a fan signing event later today in China, reporters gathered to see whether Jessica was among the members. However, it’s been reported that only 8 members were present at the airport, further raising alarm as fans await clarification.

Hopefully, this is just an awful attempt at a joke by some troll. I’m not sure if I could handle Sera retiring and Jessica being kicked out of SNSD in the same year.

Ice Princess 4eva.






  1. Me thinks that this is for real.
    Oh well, she had a good run with the group and I’m pretty sure she can find something else to work on, even though it might not be as lucrative. I’m frankly surprised this large a group can stay together for as long as they did.

  2. Davina Beeching · · Reply

    Well this sucks. Jessica was my favorite member 😦

  3. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    As a daughter of an airline pilot and as someone who just took a domestic flight today, I’d like to remind everyone that flights in the us for the past 3 days have been absolutely awful due to myriads of cancelations. Its being reported that she was just spotted getting on a flight for Inchon with rumored bf. This might be Jessica being late for her schedule and a stalker fan taking it out on her by hacking account.

    1. I’m not sure what to think right now. One would think it would be relatively easy for SM to check and see if Jessica wrote the message or if such a meeting actually took place. But yeah, the airport thing could be people connecting dots that aren’t there.

      1. Fleur De Seoul · ·

        Welp, I was wrong.

      2. I’m surprised even given my puzzlement as to how long it took them to craft a statement.

  4. I don’t know what to say. It seems impossible that SM would have handled something this major so poorly as SNSD is worth something close to $100 US to SM’s revenues per year, and you handle something like that very carefully and don’t let the first notification of that come out via a terminated or punished member’s SMS account. You handle that by quietly paying them in a negotiated severance package to go away in a nice staged “retirement” ceremony for personal reasons, so you don’t damage the remainder of the group, or have a loose cannon who may expose a lot of your dirty laundry about the company and the group. This isn’t like a member quitting secretly and turning up in China like what happened with EXO recently where SM had no prior knowledge of what was to happen. This would have been planned by someone in SM and by someone very high up possibly even involving Mr. Moon himself approving it. He seems like too savvy a businessman to have let this be handled this poorly. I wonder if Jessica did something that prior to Sulli creating a mess a few months back would have been mostly ignored, but with that mess still being fresh in managers minds they came down very hard on Jessica and she thought she was immune or that what she did was not a big deal. Hopefully I check the news later and it turns out there has been a bad misunderstanding between some low level SM manager who handled something with Jessica in a manner that made it sound like she was being permanently dumped from SNSD when that wasn’t really the case and perhaps this was just SM hitting back at her for something she did with her fashion line and because someone out of the loop had to tell her about it at the last minute it caught her completely by surprise and that the person who should have been talking to her about it wasn’t able to be present and properly explain the discipline. The statement being attributed to SM at the moment sounds ludicrous (Removing her from SNSD, but continuing to represent her for her solo activivites…that would be insane). Also if SM messed with Jessica, they have another key employee that will be impacted in Krystal that they can’t ignore and I think Krystal is in China with Luna, Victoria, and Amber promoting at the moment. It seems unlikely that you would time canning Jessica from SNSD just hours before she and the group were supposed to leave for China and while Krystal was in China.

    1. She’s not kicked out of SM. As reported earlier, ALL SNSD members extended their contracts. She’s in SM, just out of SNSD.

  5. this shit is so old, but i got hours to kill and your lines are hilarious.




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