Selca Sunday The Night Away

suzy miss a insta

Welcome to this week’s edition of Selca Sunday, where all of social media is curated and tailored for your K-Pop needs. In this edition, miss A’s Suzy turns humanity sideways with her flawlessness. Without further ado:

 Dasom of SISTAR:

The glamour is real.

The glamour is real.

Jaekyung of Rainbow:



Jieun of SECRET:

Jieun with bangs is only matched by Jieun without bangs.

Jieun with bangs is only matched by Jieun without bangs.

Narae of SPICA:

The heart is real.

There are not enough hearts in the world.

Lizzy of After School:



Qri of T-ara:

Qri is coming strong as of late.

Qri is coming strong as of late.

Jessica Jung of SNSD:

The sun can't handle the ice.

The sun can’t handle the ice.

Nari of Wassup:

Making it twerk.

Making it twerk.

Taeyeon of TaeTiSeo/SNSD:

Haters gonna hate or something.

Haters gonna hate or something.

Clara Lee:

Working hard.

Working hard.

That’ll do it for now. Enjoy your week y’all.



  1. There should be an episode of “Modern Marvels” devoted to the engineering of Clara’s sport bra.

    I wonder if Suzy really cut her hair or if that is a wig.

    It looks like Dasom is modeling a wedding gown.

    It’s funny how you see Qri and Nari wearing light colored contacts and it looks so unnatural that it’s distracting. I have always thought one of the best features of many Asian women is their dark brown eyes. When they wear light colored lenses it makes me think of movie vampires or demons. I guess that in a population that has so little variation in eye color and hair color that it’s only natural that young women would try things like going blonde or putting in blue or gray lenses to differentiate themselves from their peers.

  2. Is it just me or does Suzy look like IU there?

    1. I see what you are saying. IU had her hair about that length recently and with the way Suzy’s hair is covering about half her face she could pass for IU at a glance. Suzy isn’t as baby-faced as IU though, so if she moved her hair away from her face, I think it would be more obvious that it is Suzy.

      Sometimes I feel a bit bad for Suzy and IU with those “Nations first love” and “Nation’s little sister” nicknames. While that certainly has boosted their visibility and popularity, it like is quite burdensome at times as you have to live up to a squeaky clean image that some other idols wouldn’t have to. It has to make them very intimidating to date too as anyone dating them has to know the eyes of the nation will be on them, and you better not have a bad breakup with them after it is known you are dating.

    2. She does but she also looks like iu from some angles to begin with, especially when they have similar hair

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