Waifu Wednesday: Dain

dain wassup cover

Song Da-In (better known as Dain) is a South Korean idol rapper and dancer. She is best known for being a member of K-Pop’s resident twerk-enthusiasts Wa$$up (or Wassup for simplicity’s sake).

The holy trinity of Wassup are Nari, Nada and Dain. The group needs to exist solely to allow these three to twerk to their hearts content from now to the ends of the earth. Nari is stealthily one of theĀ prettiest idols working in K-Pop and Nada’s badassery needs little introduction but Dain is underrated. The girl definitely works within Wassup’s concept but she could easily fit in a multitude of looks and, if the gods are good, she’ll get the opportunity to do so. Long live Dain, may her reign be prosperous.


Dain is one of the compelling reasons why light is a good thing.

Lady in red.

Lady in red.

Dain is so flawless that the gods are clueless as to how she happened.



If Dain’s talents were ice, she could freeze hell.

I suddenly care about soccer.

I suddenly care about soccer.

Dain is so smooth, she could sell ice to Santa Claus.



Dain is so glorious she has her own book of hymns.

Stealth Nari.

Stealth Nari.

The world’s existence is validated as Dain has graced it with her visage.

So nice, it's here twice.

So nice, it’s here twice.


waterfalls of tears



  1. So…. how the f*ck i didn’t know this girl.

    Long live Dain.

    and also, Justice for Boram.

  2. Quite obvious bra stuffer. Clearly shows in the 2nd pic.

  3. Cute as a button. She was one of the only things that made me pay attention to Wassup.
    Oh yeah, Justice for Boram

  4. YASSSS my #2 in WA$$UP! Dain is severely underrated and they need a comeback ASAP!

  5. black soshi · · Reply

    Lip-biting with the hand near the genitals somehow just does it for me.

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