T-ara Is Not Done Punishing Your Senses With ‘EDMCLUB’ Version Of “Sugar Free”


It wouldn’t be a T-ara comeback without fifty billion different music videos for one single but T-ara managed to do something a little different with their ‘EDMCLUB’ version of “Sugar Free.”

Instead of simply scrounging up all the leftover footage from editing and pasting it together and calling it “THE SINGLE, HYPER REMIX EDITION”, T-ara’s EDM version of their already-heavily EDM song swaps locations to some live concert setting and even changes up the lyrics a bit to feature more English. It largely works because:

A) The original song is the sort of thing which is literally begging for fifty different remixes by every DJ worth their salt


B) No one is really paying attention to the lyrics anyways – if anyone can discern what’s said after “everything’s sugar free”, please start training for linguist work because I can’t even tell if it’s Korean, English or Klingon.

Sadly, the video still suffers from the standard T-ara-itis – a rare music video disease which renders any comeback video incomprehensible due to the limitations of human processing power. Y’all got the strobe lights going already. That’s enough. Yes, the set for the ‘EDMCLUB’ version is essentially a music festival but the frenetic cuts are unforgivably similar to all the other versions of “Sugar Free”.

Seriously, look at these things (if you wish to preserve your sanity, please don’t). They were not designed for human eyes.

I’ve “watched” four different versions of this song now, and I swear that none of them have a cut that lasts longer than one second. Someone must be being paid per splice in the editing room because that’s the only way that any of this makes any sense.

Song still kicks all sorts of ass though.



  1. As I have said previously, I think the label head hired his nephew to direct and edit this and the kid has serious ADHD issues and refuses to take his Ritalin.

  2. CherLights · · Reply

    The MVs are honestly ruining everything. They could have released a one shot dance version with the girls wearing the catsuits and it would have been x543565456 better. CCM either releases masterpieces like Day by Day Drama ver/CryCry drama ver or crapshits like SugarFree or IGCBOY and the dance ver of Day by Day.

  3. Is it me or in the photo at the very top of the post, does it look like SNSD’s Seohyun is moonlighting in T-ara as the 2nd girl from the left.

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