Waifu Wednesday: Cao Lu

cao lu cover ww

Cao Lu is a Chinese K-Pop singer and dancer. She is best known for being a member of K-Pop group FIESTAR and for being given a criminally paltry amount of lines in “One More”.

Cao Lu has been in the pop singing game for awhile. Before she debuted with FIESTAR, Cao Lu was a solo singer in China, having won a 2004 CCTV singing contest. She went by the name LuLu which she thankfully left behind when she agreed to start training with what would become FIESTAR. And while she may be a relative unknown on the K-Pop scene, she shouldn’t be. The girl can sing quite well and her glory is best described as “werrehtuisdsdfstretrgnkfvdkgdlghnnngggg.” Hopefully, FIESTAR’s next single is just as good as “One More” and hopefully Cao Lu gets more than three seconds of spotlight. Because damn, that would be nice.


Cao Lu is so underrated, a proper rating system for her doesn’t exist yet.

Meanwhile, in my dreams.

Meanwhile, in my dreams.

Cao Lu is so pretty, she makes every mirror she looks at a holy relic.

Contemplating godhood.

Contemplating godhood.

Cao Lu’s talents make Batman envious.

Oh look, I'm a puddle of feels.

Aaaaaand, I’m a puddle of feels.

Cao Lu’s awesomeness, like the universe it inhabits, expands infinitely into space.

It just keeps going.

It just keeps going.

In the wrong hands, Cao Lu’s smile could be considered a deadly weapon.

Welp, goodbye world.

Welp, goodbye world.


fan going wild



  1. Well deserved WW, and continuing the excellent tradition of imported Chinese talent into K-Pop (Victoria, Fei.. etc) . Also, Cao Lu loves to cam it up for the camera, just watch the 1st 40 seconds on this:

    1. Dude, thanks for that clip.

  2. Cao Lu sure is a hottie. She has gorgeous eyes. Like you I hope that she gets more lines in the future. My understanding is her Korean is still pretty rough, which maybe restricts her to fewer lines as she has trouble with pronunciation. It seems it typically takes about four years for someone who doesn’t already speak Korean to some extent to get fluent enough that they aren’t stumbling over pronunciation of words or struggling to understand a word. I wonder if it is as hard from someone who speaks Chinese to learn Korean as it is for an English speaker. It seems that even a lot of native Korean speakers regularly butcher pronunciations of words. Hopefully Loen gets her more tutoring if she is struggling with her Korean, so she can contribute more. The thing is this group actually seems to sing pretty well and it would be nice if Cao Lu who apparently can sing pretty well could be more involved too.

    1. I speak fluent Chinese/Mandarin and I find it just as hard to pick up Korean. There are some words that sound like Chinese (or rather Chinese dialects like Hokkien or Cantonese) but I find Korean pronunciation for most parts difficult to grasp. Speaking of which, here’s a hilarious clip of Anna Kendrick trying to learn K-Pop, if you’ve not seen it already.

      1. I had seen that video before. They filmed it after they were at the SXSW festival in 2013 on the way back to Korea stopping off in LA. I just loved how surly Amber was, “So no, your answer’s no.” Also, Victoria’s fixation with the cups thing was also funny.

        I wonder if part of the difficulty is that while there are some similarities perhaps between Korean and Chinese or Chinese and Japanese, the fact those two languages are not tonal, which is a major factor in the speaking of Chinese probably messes with those who speak Chinese the same way a Korean probably struggles trying to pick up a tonal language like Chinese. In written forms all three languages have a lot of similarities as they borrowed so many Chinese characters as I don’t think Korean or Japanese had an established written language prior to contact with China (though I understand that other than formal writing Korean rarely uses the Chinese characters anymore and relies pretty much on Hangul, whereas Japan still heavily uses the borrowed Chinese characters). It is odd how three populations in such close proximity would have three such radically different languages. I guess the social and political systems in those societies limited traveling and exploration so much that the languages could become isolates in ways that you didn’t see as much in Europe where languages of many countries are closely related.

        Odd question, but how does one type on a computer in Chinese? I know in Korea and Japan their “alphabetic” characters are used and that a computer program will then pop up a selection of a more appropriate Chinese characters used in their language if applicable, but I think Chinese is completely character based, so do you have to type in Pinyin using English letters which are then translated by the program into the appropriate character?

  3. Cao Lu is my BAE and I never knew you did WW for her ❤


  4. Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff


      1. Yowza! The cheongsam has to be one of the best dresses ever invented. It is probably number 3 in Chinese inventions behind gunpowder and paper. I wonder what TV show this was from? Was this filmed at a Korean Army base? The guys in the crowd sound very enthusiastic, like a bunch of starved for entertainment and starved for ladies soldiers. It’s nice to hear Cao Lu sing. Hopefully her Korean continues to approve so maybe she will get more singing parts with Fiestar. Who was performing with her? Was it Linzy or Jei?

      2. Kent, she was performing with Sihyun from Spica on episode 10 of ‘Her Secret Weapon’ reality show. Yes, the mostly audience was extremely enthusiastic 🙂

      3. *mostly male

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