Ailee Will Haunt Your Dreams For Upcoming 3rd Mini Album “Magazine”


While SM continues to mess with my daily plans and not release TaeTiSeo’s “Holler” music video as of the writing (which means that I won’t likely get to it till Thursday), Ailee has announced that she’ll soon be dropping her third mini-album, entitled “Magazine.”

The release date is set for September 25th:

Her agency YMC Entertainment tweeted on the 16th, “[Ailee] September 25! Ailee’s 3rd mini album ‘Magazine‘ will be released!! We have slightly unveiled her new album images for those who are curious! Please look forward to Ailee’s new album~^^”

YMC Entertainment also tweeted out some concept photos which, well, are horrifying.

The concept is kinda shrewd given Ailee’s reputation for being a vocal powerhouse and to juxtapose that with the image of Ailee as a mime is sure to grab interest. It’s just… mimes are the worst. They are like clowns but far, far scarier as they just stare at you with overly expressive eyes and a blank smile while they encase themselves in an imaginary box that only they can see. If the performers of the world came together and built a community, the mime would be that really quiet neighbor who everyone suspects is a serial killer.

However, if the price of a new Ailee album is some reoccurring nightmares, then that is a price that I will gladly pay.



  1. Out of topic, but are you going to review T-ara’s Sugar Free?

    1. Most likely Friday. Last week, I was swamped with life stuff.

  2. It’s going to be awesome. Mimes are like clown’s cool, stylish cousins ❤
    Also, Ailee ? Generally doesn't disapoint much…

    Here's a recent BNT News photo shoot Luna of f(x) did. Just look at it. Seriously.

    1. Mimes are just hipsters… really silent hipsters

    2. also, ::weeps:: for Luna’s legs that once were… ::le sigh::

  3. It isn’t apparent from these photos, but Ailee apparently lost about 20 pounds since her last release. It’s more apparent in a shoot she recently did for a magazine as her thighs and hips are much slimmer. She was really pretty before and didn’t have to lose weight, but losing that weight likely will help her dancing and stamina.

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