Ok, TaeTiSeo’s “Holler” MV Teaser Looks Promising

taetiseo holler

TaeTiSeo is going to be releasing their “Holler” music video really soon so this teaser isn’t going to have a very long shelf life until it’s obsolete. However, it definitely does a good job teasing what SNSD’s talented trio has in store for people when the real music video drops.

Much like “Twinkle”, “Holler” sounds like it’ll have a nice horn-fueled funky dance beat which should pair nicely with Tiffany’s R&B-lite vocals. If there is a warning sign musically, it’s that some parts sound a bit auto-tuned, a decision which takes away some much needed edge from the beat and something which is a bit baffling considering the last three members of SNSD who would need auto-tuning are Tiffany, Seohyun and Taeyeon.

As for the video, it looks like a standard dance-in-a-box SM special but if there’s one sub-unit who can pull this off and make it look effortless, it’s this one. Also, good lord, as nondescript as those individual teasers are, they were not lying as far as the looks of the members.

Taeyeon’s belly is some sort of sorcery. Tiffany’s smile is on it’s A+ game. Seobot for ruler of the universe, please.



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    I like Twinkle just because its a good tune, but I’m not sure I really like the whole SNSD sub-unit idea in general. Pleased to know that all nine have resigned for another three years, so that will be a nice decade of perfection. I’ll also add that to my ears Jessica does not need autotune either!

    1. It will be interesting to see what is happening with the group as that 10th anniversary draws closer. One wonders if fans will have matured enough in their attitudes by then to accept married members of K-pop groups as they still seem to have difficulties accepting the reality of idols dating. If fans are still pretty closed minded, I have a hard time seeing SNSD last past this current contract as at least some of those girls will be looking at marriage or starting families and if fans aren’t accepting of that, then some members will likely not renew at that time and that would likely be the end of the group even if it wan’t the keystone member, Taeyeon, that was leaving. It wouldn’t be the same after one left, and others would likely follow in quick succession. One can’t expect that nine women that by then will be in their mid to late 20’s can maintain this image of “virgin princesses” much past that. It isn’t fair to them to put their personal lives on hold because fans aren’t mature enough to accept a married member, pregnant member, or member with kids. Hopefully fans will do some growing up by then and start to accept idols more as human beings than possessions. Based on how Taeyeon was treated recently over a few coded Instagram messages to her boyfriend and how low a profile the other dating members keep on their dating, I seriously wonder whether fans will be ready for that in just three years. If fans are more accepting of the realities of idols getting older and having lives of their own, perhaps SNSD might continue. I hope they do continue, but I suspect that along with their 10th anniversary there will be a retirement announcement and tour and the members will pursue other interests personally and professionally.

  2. Hopefully even if the main group doesn’t stay together after this new contract, these three will keep recording even as they get married and have families. Certainly it will be much easier to get these three together every year or two than trying to get nine members together as their personal lives get more complex. The nice thing is that Taeyeon seems to have little interest outside of singing, Tiffany loves performing in front of an audience, and Seohyun seems to really enjoy this trio as well with her two big “sisters.” It’s easy to picture the three of them getting he itch to record as a trio as long as they still sell albums and people come to their concerts.

  3. Kudos to Seobot’s plastic surgeon.

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