Review: SPICA.S – “Give Your Love” Is A Missed Opportunity For Something Special


Perhaps the most disappointing thing about “Give Your Love” (and there’s plenty to disappointed about) is that the SPICA sub-unit SPICA.S completely whiffs on a golden opportunity for the group to experiment with their talented roster and their image.

The main issues with “Give Your Love” are tempo-based. The beat starts off at a brisk trot but it never really deviates from the script and it leaves the song feeling rather flat. It rarely sounds like anyone is doing anything but sleep-walking here. Part of that fault lies in the Brave Brothers instrumental track that is little more than a drum machine and some chimes, layered over with some sparse keys and intermittent bleeps and bloops. Part of the problem lies in the lack of a catchy hook to keep interest during a dull beat. However, part of the problem is that SPICA.S rarely sounds like they’re exerting much effort. This is partially due to a slight auto-tune sheen but it is also because the song seems to demand so little of SPICA.S’s talents. Taken together, it just sounds like everyone from SPICA.S to Brave Brothers (this has to be one of the most generic sounding Brave Brothers beats in a while) was sleepwalking through “Give Your Love.”

Like this, but not amazing.

Like this, but not amazing.

The video has a similarly mediocre look to it. The concept appears to be “SPICA.S Brought To You By Staples.” The sets are uninteresting semi-nice looking office furniture with monochrome backgrounds that fall flat. The direction doesn’t try to make it any more interesting either, with its standard cuts between choreography shots, individual member shots and concept shots. Even the choreography, as nice as it is (dat sway) isn’t that memorable. One just keeps waiting for a twist that never comes.

Damned if SPICA.S doesn't try, though.

Damned if SPICA.S doesn’t try, though.


If there is one saving grace to the whole enterprise, it’s that SPICA.S looks amazing. The outfits may not make much sense given the sets (I want to see what office dress code allows Jiwon’s top and… whatever Narae is wearing. I will then immediately submit a job application) but the members have honestly never looked better. It’s just a shame that the everything else couldn’t touch the flawlessness of Bohyung, Narae, Juhyun and Jiwon (but especially Bohyung) so effortlessly reach visually  in “Give Your Love.”



Ultimately “Give Your Love” fails on multiple levels. It’s bad enough that the effort comes across as milquetoast. The larger issue is that SPICA was given the opportunity to try something new and different with their talented members and they simply failed to even try. Instead, they released a single which lacks anything resembling a distinct point of view. Hopefully, Boa’s solo effort goes better because “Give Your Love” has the look and feel of a stalling tactic.




  1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    This being a Brave Brothers track explains so much. I wrote a post comparing Spica S to Sistar, and now I know why that happened.

  2. So I took some time away from Kpop because it was making me blubber like a little baby and now I come back and I want to fight you. Maybe because I won’t have anyone pissing on my waifu Bohyoung. She’s glorious in this, both voice and looks. So there’s that. And I’ll admit, I was a little underwhelmed by the live performance. But the MV is really nice, and at no time was I bored with it. So although I know my opinion is definitely biased by my unconditional love for Kim Bohyoung, I still don’t think the song is deserving of the poor reviews and comments I’ve seen so far. So there.

    1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

      I think it’s our love for Spica (we have the same bias woooooooooooooooo!) that we write these reviews. We know how good they are and we want songs and videos that show off their talents. There was nothing vocally challenging about this, so much so that you could substitute most 4 member Kpop groups for Spica S and not much would be lost. Likewise, visually the members look very good, but the video is shot in neutrals, and nothing pops. I was disappointed with this song and video BECAUSE they are talented and they deserve better.

      1. Yeah, ok so I over reacted a skosh. I still don’t think it’s that bad. And I’m sure they are trying to make these superbly talented and lovely girls more popular by sexing them up a bit and having them do a more “safe” song. After all, they don’t make a whole lot of money by pleasing the likes of us. So all things considered I’m not going to complain.

  3. Brooke Artfield · · Reply

    I think they had such an amazing opportunity to balance vocal parts more. I thought with Boa gone that Jiwon would get more vocal parts. All of the members are incredible but I feel like Jiwon’s in the background so much.

    This track was a boring and I Did it was boring. I really hope they do something better for their next comeback.

    1. Yeah, I think the main problem with the last couple of SPICA releases has been that the beat has been so sub-par. The group does seem to give Jiwon a bit less to do than the rest but I think Narae gets even less.

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